Property Brothers Sibling J.D. Scott Praises Fiancée for 'Carrying the Weight' Amid His Illness

JD Scott is taking time to appreciate his fiancée for caring for him and keeping their lives running smoothly as he continues to battle a mysterious illness.

Scott, 43,  the older brother of Drew and Jonathan, shared a heartfelt love letter to fiancée Annalee Belle on Instagram Wednesday, praising her for all that she’s done during his illness.

“I see you. Tired and anxious but determined. Getting up earlier than you should to give yourself that brief workout that helps you get through the day. Going to bed much later than you need to finish just one more thing from the list that never ends,” he began. “The countless errands you run for us when I can’t.”

JD, who has appeared on Property Brothers at Home, continued with a laundry list of things he admires about Belle, including the way she prepares meals for him, and takes him to doctors visits.

“The moments when you cry on the floor of your closet because you feel like you aren’t doing enough. The times you walk quietly to let me sleep as you know it is so hard for me to reach,” he wrote. “The little notes you leave me hidden throughout our home that tell me how much you care.”

Scott concluded with a poignant note that thanked the makeup artist for sticking by his side through thick and thin.

“The life that you have chosen to keep that is not always what you saw for yourself in the past. I see that you are carrying the weight of us both and for that you are my hero,” he wrote. “I love you.”

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He included a video montage alongside his letter that featured various photos of Belle completing mundane tasks like getting the mail, as well as selfies of the couple, who were engaged in October after three and a half years of dating.

The sweet message drew an emotional response from Belle, who commented below that it had left her in tears.

“This isn’t the life I saw for myself.. This is so much better than anything I could have ever dreamed. A life with you is everything and more. ❤️,” she wrote, to which Scott replied, “You and me, until the end of it all.”

The appreciation post comes one week after Scott revealed that he’s been battling a mysterious illness for the past 14 months.

He shared the news in an emotional video shared to Instagram in which he and Belle recounted his scary symptoms, which included extreme sensitivity to temperatures over 70 degrees, having to stay in bed for days and more.

Scott said he underwent multiple MRIs, and doctors initially believed he had an autoimmune disease such as lupus, and then possibly two brain aneurysms.

After a follow-up visit with a neurosurgeon, though, the couple learned it could actually be “a new pathway [that] had formed” in his brain — something not uncommon or necessarily life-threatening, according to the neurosurgeon.

The radiologist Scott met with next was “99.9 percent sure” he wasn’t suffering from an aneurysm, which made him feel like he was “kind of back to square one” after about six months of tests.

Eventually, Scott visited Dr. Scott Jacobson, a functional physician who agreed that there were likely many different issues at hand. Tests run by Jacobsen found an infection that showed Scott’s body was reacting in the way it might to an autoimmune disease, with his antibodies “through the roof.”

Scott started taking antibiotics about a month ago, and also cut wheat, dairy, soy, gluten and sugar out of his diet.

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The medicine and lifestyle changes made a difference, and Scott said he soon felt better.

Even so, an emotional Scott – who admitted he was “pretty sure” he was dying – explained that he is not yet “cured,” but has slowly started to feel like his normal self again.

“I appreciate all of you. We’re getting there. Lots of good stuff to come,” he concluded.

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