Nutrition decides on the degree of severity in Sepsis

Severe Sepsis in a typical Western diet

According to a study by the type of diet seems to decide whether a patient is Sepsis, runs stronger or weaker. Sepsis – which is popularly referred to as blood poisoning – is one in every three people who dies in a hospital the cause of death, and thus one of the most common causes of death at all.

In the case of a Sepsis is a life-threatening complication that can occur in infectious diseases (pneumonia, urinary tract infections, injuries, etc.). The body’s own immune system begins in this case, the tire’s own tissue and organs of the suit. Without antibiotic treatment the blood pressure may be decreased dangerous, what is referred to as septic shock that is often fatal.

In the United States suffer according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, US center for disease control) each year 1.7 million adults Sepsis and 270,000 die from it. In Germany, 70,000 to 95,000 people die annually from Sepsis, which – according to doctors newspaper from September 2018 – every fourth case of death could be avoided, would be recognized in the development of Sepsis in a timely manner and properly treated.

Type of diet shall decide on the course of Sepsis

Still there are around the Sepsis, many unanswered questions. So you don’t know, for example, why some people develop Sepsis, and others. Also you can’t predict who will experience of the victims of the now a severe course and who is not.

It seems also that the number of Sepsis cases will continue to increase, reflecting, in part, the result of the ageing population could be. Because people over 65 years of age for Sepsis and fatal illness-prone than younger people.

According to the above-mentioned study by researchers at the Portland State University in Oregon, was published, seems to be the type of diet an important risk factor for severe sepsis history to be. The study appeared in the February 2019 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesPNAS.

Frequent deaths due to Sepsis in the typical Western diet

The typical Western diet characterized by high fat and sugar content and is at the same time materials are poor in fiber. In the study above, it gave way to the mice such a diet, while the control group received a healthy diet. The Western-fed mice had greater inflammation than the healthy fed animals before they developed Sepsis.

Inflammation as a result of an unfavorable diet spread, apparently, in the entire circulatory System, in brain and in the gut. No wonder the diseased, the West-fed mice to a greater Sepsis and died also more likely to have Sepsis than of the healthy-fed mice.

Unhealthy diet is manipulating the immune system

Author of the study, Professor Brooke Napier, said: “The immune system of our to the West-nourished subjects looked different and worked differently. The diet seems to manipulate the functions of the immune cells, so that one is for Sepsis, only more vulnerable, but also faster-to your death.“

Since the Sepsis leads to every year, so many deaths in the hospitals, you want to find out now, what are the components of the Western diet is so problematic (amount of fat, specific fatty acids, specific fatty acid ratio, amount of sugar, type of sugar, etc.), so you can be targeted against taxes.

However, the researchers were able to identify some of the parameters (values), which previously could be, in which patients with an increased risk for Sepsis is to be expected, so that you pay attention on the symptoms (fatigue, confusion, shortness of breath, racing pulse, cold legs and arms, falling blood pressure, fever, chills), or the infection say in the run-up to a more aggressive treated.

Other fat-rich diets could be problematic

Should be the Problem in a General high-fat diet – so, the researchers from Portland then becoming more and more popular high-fat diets such as the ketogenic diet or other High-Fat may increase-Low Carb diets (HFLC), the risk for Sepsis.

However, it is to be taken into consideration, that these diets are notoriously low in sugars, and the harmfulness of the typical Western diet consists, inter alia, in the combination of inferior fats, and plenty of substandard carbohydrates. It is precisely this combination, there is not, however, in most of the HFLC diets.

Type of diet affected more diseases than we thought

In the end, it has shown once again that the nature of the diet can affect not only the officially-food supported existing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., but even incidents of favors, such as Sepsis, which were, as yet, not nearly with the diet.

Also intestinal health can lessen the the course of a Sepsis. We have previously reported that the combined administration of a particular probiotic can be prevented with a Prebiotic in children, Sepsis, and thus in many countries there is still high infant mortality rate can be reduced.