Many Diabetes patients unaware of their disease

Number of Diabetes-diseases of rose: Early diagnosis is very important

The number of Diabetes diseases in Bavaria is significantly increased. Come to the well-known cases, many people who know nothing of your diabetes. The health Minister of the free state calls for, to make use of opportunities for early detection.

About seven and a half million Diabetic

A few months ago, a report was published that showed that some 7.6 million Germans diabetic. However, many of those Affected to know nothing of their own Diabetes. This can have fatal consequences. Because Diabetes can go hand-in-hand with a number of secondary diseases. Through the early detection of the disease, the serious could be late the sugar consequences of a disease to be prevented often. On Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml points in a message.

In Germany, more and more people are living with Diabetes. Many know nothing of their disease. Experts call for to make use of opportunities for early detection. (Image: Kwangmoo/

It is expected a further increase in

The number of known cases of Diabetes in Bavaria has increased significantly: “In Bavaria, more than a Million people have the diagnosis of Diabetes mellitus,” writes the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) on its website.

“It is expected that it will come in the next years to a further increase in the diabetes disease”, and more.

The problem is that many know nothing of their disease. Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml therefore called again to use the offers for the early detection of Diabetes.

“If Diabetes is left untreated, it represents a significant danger to vessels and nerves,” said the politician, who is a licensed medical Doctor.

The disease is not curable

The new health report 1/2019 of the Bavarian LGL deals extensively with the subject of Diabetes mellitus. The latest data of the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns (KVB) from the year 2017.

Accordingly, in about a Million (1,035) by law, a well-known Diabetes mellitus Insured from Bavaria. The total population of the state is broadcast on free-to of about 1.28 million Affected with a known Diabetes mellitus can be assumed.

In the year 2011 was “only” about 900,000 legally Diabetes mellitus Insured from Bavaria. With a share of 90 to 95 percent of type 2 Diabetes mellitus is the most common Form of Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes usually occurs in adulthood and is closely linked with the life style.

In children and adolescents in Germany, the type-1 Diabetes is predominantly an autoimmune disease whose exact causes are currently being researched.

Type 1 Diabetes is not yet curable but with early diagnosis and optimal blood sugar control, the young patients can lead an almost normal life.

Among the main symptoms including excessive thirst and frequent urination. If suspected, parents should seek medical advice.
10 signs of Diabetes

Signs of Diabetes are not always obvious. Here you will find 10 symptoms that may indicate diabetes.

Diabetes to timely detect and treat

“Many people are unaware that they have Diabetes. Because it is possible that for years no signs,“ the Minister said.

“It is very important to detect Diabetes early, and to treat. Because serious can consequences such as cardiovascular disease and kidney damage, delayed or avoided.“

Huml continued: “The increase in known cases of Diabetes are various reasons for this. The ageing of the society, for example. In addition to a longer Survival with the disease and a more sensitive diagnosis.“

Obesity and lack of exercise are the biggest risk factors

“Obesity and lack of exercise are the two biggest risk factors for type 2 Diabetes mellitus,” said LGL-President Dr. Andreas Zapf.

“But it can also smoke, among other things, Stress or chronic sleep disorders to the emergence of the disease contribute.”

A healthy Lifestyle can protect against Diabetes

“A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and adequate exercise can protect against type 2 Diabetes,” said Huml.

“Even so, the disease course can be affected by an already diagnosed type 2 Diabetes positive”, the Minister of health. (ad)