Lose weight: Easier to lose weight with the help of a healthy Apple vinegar diet mixture

Switchel: Delicious Trend-drink with Apple cider vinegar makes losing weight easy

The summer is coming! Now the last few pounds for bathing must tumble season. A new trend drink from Apple cider vinegar that promises to help you lose weight. The new diet drink from Apple cider vinegar, ginger, and lemon is also supposed to promote health. We check whether something is true.

Losing weight is often difficult

Clearly, anyone Who wants to reduce his weight, must move on a regular basis. However, Sport does not only help against Obesity. He burns though calories and distributes the constant Hunger, but the key is diet. Some people try with the help of various diet programs, excess pounds get rid of. However, often wants to and does not want to disappear the belly fat. Maybe you should try it with Switchel. The new Trend drink to help you lose weight and health.

Drinks help in weight reduction

In scientific studies, it has been shown that healthy ginger can help you lose weight.

Also, the daily glass of lukewarm water with lemon can assist in weight reduction.

You mix the two ingredients and add Apple cider vinegar and maple syrup, you get a drink that is referred to by some as “Switchel”. Especially in the US, the Trend-drink makes for great enthusiasm.

The slightly spicy and very refreshing Drink there is also to buy ready-mixed, but it can be quite easy to do it yourself.

Delicious Mixture

For the drink you need one Liter of water, a large piece of ginger, four teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar, four teaspoons of maple syrup (Alternative: honey) and some lemon juice.

The ginger we peeled, cut into small pieces and then briefly cooked in the water. While the potion cools down, mix the vinegar, the maple syrup and the lemon juice together.

Then the ginger water is passed through a sieve, stirred well, and then kept in the fridge.

The drink can also be used individually to Refine, for example, with Apple juice.

Healthy Ingredients

That the drink can help you lose weight, the healthy ingredients. As Apple suggests, for example, acetic the formation of digestive juices and thus promotes digestion.

He also has a positive effect on the acid-base content and regulates blood sugar levels and prevent food cravings.

Also lemon juice stimulates digestion, and helps due to the abundant contained Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system.

Maple syrup does not help, shed excess weight, takes the drink but thanks to the Sweet little sharpness. In addition, it is considered healthier than sugar.

The largest contribution to the weight reduction of ginger. Responsible for the “fat killer”-effect of certain “sharp maker.” This is because the root contains the active ingredients Capsaicin, and Gingerol, the trigger is consumed, due to their sharpness a heat stimulus.

The human body responds with increased blood circulation and sweating, to the supposed Overheating to contain and cool the body.

The metabolism will be consumed activated, whereby the additional calories. Thus, more fat is burned the tissue.

Miracle tuber health complaints

The miracle tuber is not only good for weight loss, ginger also helps against diseases. The tuber acts according to a study at the menstrual pain-relieving. Even in cancer therapy, ginger is sometimes used.

The German cancer aid, the root has a compelling effect against chemotherapy-related stomach complaints such as Nausea and vomiting.

Also as a home remedy for bloating, ginger is popular. The tuber digestive problems, diarrhea, and numerous other complaints.

In naturopathy, the root is used for quite some time against high fat levels in the blood. In addition, ginger has anti-inflammatory and can help to strengthen the immune system. (ad)