Warning: Salami recall due to Salmonella risk

Discounters takes Salami for Salmonella detection from the sale

The Discounter Norma takes the “Good Bartenhof triangular salami” and “Good Bartenhof garlic salami” temporarily out of the sale because of the risk of Salmonella-infection. “In the framework of an official investigation, a pathogen of the genus Salmonella was demonstrated”, the corresponding communication from the manufacturer.

Because of possible contamination with Salmonella, the company H. Bille GmbH &#038 has; Co. KG, the products of “Good Bartenhof triangular salami, 150g” and the “Good Bartenhof garlic salami, 150g” the date of minimum durability 14. May 2019 and 21. May 2019 recalled. If ingested, severe gastrointestinal infections, which may pose in already-compromised individuals, a serious health risk threaten. Of the consumer are therefore urgently advised against a return of the products recommended. Was sold the Salami from the Discounter Norma. In the corresponding branch of the return may be made.

Because of possibly contained Salmonella, this Salami be recalled. (Image: www.norma-online.de)

From a consumption strongly discouraged is

According to a statement from Norma was responding “for reasons of precautionary consumer protection, promptly and to the complete goods from the sale.” Consumers who have purchased the Salami already and still in your budget, be asked to your own safety, of a consumption in sight. The affected Salami could be achieved without a receipt in the store to return and the purchase price will of course be refunded.

Signs of a Salmonella infection

You should have the Salami already eaten, the following symptoms on an infection with Salmonella, notes:

  • Diarrhea,
  • Vomiting,
  • cramping abdominal pain,
  • Fever (systemic).

The complaints come after a maximum incubation time of three days and, as a result of massive fluid loss, can easily lead to other serious health problems. Evidence of such an infection should occur, is therefore urgently seek medical help. (fp)