Just 11 minutes of exercise a day can help you live longer, says new research

Whether it’s the freezing cold weather or the fact that gyms are closed, if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to achieve your New Year fitness goals, you’re certainly not the only one. 

But the good news is that a new study shows a little exercise really does go a long way.

As little as 11 minutes of movement a day can increase your lifespan, recent research found.

So whether that’s a short YouTube workout or a brisk lunchtime walk – it seems that just 11 minutes of moderate exercise will do the trick.

Now, you might be wondering why this contradicts previous studies, which suggested that an hour to 75 minutes of exercise was needed for mortality benefits. 

Well, it seems some of those studies may have been flawed, due to data being self-reported and some participants misremembering their actual activity levels.

In this more recent study, scientists at the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine used activity monitors to track exercise, comparing it to time spent inactive.

Results showed participants who exercised for 35 minutes a day saw the biggest statistical difference on lifespan, however those who moved for just 11 minutes still showed a noticeable change.

So regardless of the amount of daily sitting, both time frames had a positive impact – which is good news for those working from home at the moment and getting less steps in.

If you need a little help to get you on your way, Aldi has launched a new range of ‘New Year New Gear’ gym equipment, from as little as £5 – with dumbbells for £8.99 and even a rowing machine for £199.99.

Similarly, PureGym has made its fitness app free to everyone in the UK, offering a variety of home workouts – even for non-members.

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