How to clean patio slabs without a pressure washer – the simple hack using vinegar

Algae, fungi and general dirt discolour your paving surface as time goes on, so it’s important to give your patio a thorough clean to remove the stains. Whether your paving slabs are made of natural stones or concrete cement, you can easily clean them with vinegar. reveals how to clean your patio slabs without a pressure washer, using vinegar instead.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, don’t worry.

Make a natural cleaning solution with white vinegar and water and use it to make your patio sparkle and shine, according to Quick Cleaning Services.

You’ll need:

  • Strong broom
  • Water bucket
  • Weeding tool
  • Scrubbing brush
  • White vinegar
  • Water

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How to clean patio slabs without a pressure washer

Step one

Remove all of the plants and furniture from your patio before you start.

Vinegar is acidic, so will kill plants and rot away furniture if you’re not careful.

If you can’t move these items, at least cover them with sheets before using vinegar on the patio.

Step two

Have you noticed any weeds popping up in the cracks of your tiles?

Get rid of these with a weeding tool before you use vinegar on the patio.

If the weeds are particularly stubborn, pour boiling water on them to loosen them at the root and kill them.

Step three

It’s time to sweep, sweep, sweep.

Before you apply vinegar to the patio, get rid of any dust and dirt with your sturdy broom.

This will prepare the patio for cleaning and make it easier for the vinegar to do its job.

Step four

Mix white vinegar and water together in equal parts in a bucket.

Pour the mixture onto a small part of the paved area to check the solution isn’t too harsh for your patio.

If all is okay, spread it over the entire patio, making sure you cover every part of the paved area. Then, let it soak for 30 minutes.

Step five

Finally, use your scrubbing brush to scrub the patio and get rid of the stains.

Once you’ve scrubbed the entire patio and are happy with the result, wash away the vinegar.

To do this, pour a bucket of cold water over the paved area.

Let the area dry naturally and then replace all of your plants and furniture.

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