Heinz's Mayomust & Mayocue are Making us Question Everything

There are two types of people in this world: those who freaking love mayo, and those who are repulsed by it. It definitely has a very specific texture, and if you aren’t down with it, well, then this story is decidedly not for you. That’s because Heinz has done the unthinkable — piggybacking on the success of Mayochup (a blend of mayo and ketchup), they’ve unleashed Mayomust (mayo-mustard) and Mayocue (mayo-barbecue sauce) upon the world and some of us just aren’t ready.

The two new “Saucy Sauce” options, as they’re described on their label, are definitely polarizing. I’ve heard of people putting both mustard and mayo on a sandwich, and I’ve heard of Alabama-style mayonnaise barbecue sauce, but straight up mayo mixed with sweet Kansas-city style sauce seems a little strange. I guess it would be pretty good with French fries, but wow, what a specific flavor and texture combination.

Then there’s the issue of Mayomust.

It’s not that the concept is terrible. Dijonnaise is a thing that exists. But there’s something about the name Mayomust that makes my tongue go dry and want to crumble right out of my mouth.

People have already been posting pictures of the bottles of Mayocue and Mayomust on store shelves, and it’s anticipated that Heinz will be announcing the nationwide rollout soon. Keep an eye on their Twitter feed if you want to be alerted as soon as the products are available in your local grocery store. In the meantime, if you find yourself intrigued, you could simply…mix up your mayo with honestly whatever other sauce your little heart desires. The kitchen is your laboratory! A squirt of hoisin sauce here, a glob of mayonnaise there, and just like that, you’re operating on the same level as a big shot product developer at Heinz.

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