Grill meat-infections: how to prevent diarrhoeal diseases through the grilling

Common infections caused by E. coli in the meat on grill

With increasing temperatures, also the desire for the barbecue is on the rise. The most delicious and popular way to prepare meat on the Grill, however, entails an increased risk for diarrheal diseases. Infections with the bacterium Escherichia coli, which can lead in the worst case, even to blood, by case, in the case of improper preparation and lack of Hygiene of grilled meat are not rare. A Physician explains what you should be.

Infection with E. coli can cause stomach discomfort, Nausea and vomiting. “But it can be even worse,” warns Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, an infectious disease specialist at the Mayo clinic. A certain type of E. coli (type O157: H7) is associated with bloody diarrhoea and severe kidney damage in single cases, even be fatal. The expert explains how you can prevent such infections when grilling.

Coliform bacteria are often unwanted guests at a barbecue

“If someone with E. coli came in contact, can the complaints within a couple of days to a few weeks after the infection auftreten“, Dr. Rajapakse emphasized. In this case, the bacterium can be directed either through the hands into the body or through contaminated food. That raw meat is contaminated with such pathogens, is not uncommon. Most frequently, the bacterium will be transmitted through meat. The correct preparation and hand hygiene, according to the specialist the best methods to protect themselves from the infections.

The difference between Steak and burgers

What is a beef steak well, can make the burgers in a heavy infectious disease. “If a Steak with bacteria is contaminated, the pathogens are usually on the surface of the meat,” explains Dr. Rajapakse in a message to the Mayo clinic. Therefore, it is sufficient normally to heat the surface of the Steaks with a high temperature, to bacteria. In the case of minced meat, in contrast, all of the bacteria sitting on the surface get, through processing in all areas. A Hamburger patties could be contaminated, therefore, also in the Interior of E. coli bacteria.

Minced meat always right by fry

“A Burger-Burger Patty must reach a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius, in the Interior,” explains the expert. The only way it could be ensured that all bacteria are killed. A Steak, the Inside is still half-cooked, on the other hand is generally harmless, if it was cooked with a high temperature.

Hand washing is not forgotten

In addition to the correct preparation Dr. Rajapakse is also advised to make proper hand hygiene. Who sums up raw BBQ meat, you should wash your hands thoroughly so that bacteria arrive at the Hand later in the body, and so an infection trigger. (vb)