Drug and addiction report of 2019: E-cigarette Trend, it is important to stop

Smoking out E-cigarettes is widely used to – and Cannabis as the drug most frequently used: this is The result of the new drug and addiction report of the drug Commissioner of the Federal government, Daniela Ludwig, has presented today.

"The report makes clear where there are open building sites, and where we have already made good progress haben", Ludwig explained. "Good developments we see in the case of the topic of tobacco and Smoking is really getting out. For this, we see that the use of E-increases cigarette clear, especially in adolescents and young adults."

This Trend had to stop. "One more reason for a tobacco outdoor advertising ban with all steam products including!" Because in Germany, for tobacco is to be advertised should be "no Ruhmesblatt". Traditional cigarettes should be allowed, such as E-cigarettes are no longer advertised to be.

Consumption of Heroin and cocaine back

In the case of the illicit substances, Cannabis remains the most commonly used drug. This applies both to the adults as well as adolescents and young adults. 19 per cent of the young people were, therefore, to have in your life consumed Cannabis, young adults between 18 to 25 years, there were even 42.5 percent.

Substances such as Heroin, New Psychoactive substances or cocaine would be consumed, however, in total, less than in previous years. However, opioid-containing substances, such as Heroin, continue to be the main cause why people die of drugs petrified.

Own needs-as a rule, come "not in Frage"

With 1276 drug-related deaths, the number 2018, compared to the previous year, is almost constant. It is crucial to protect the health of the people, so Ludwig. The city-state of Berlin is discussed captive scheme for hard drugs such as cocaine or Heroin, they dismissed with sharp words. Such demands were "plain and simple bullshit." Because you suggested to be harmless – but in the case of a drug such as Heroin, where a single dose is lethal it could be, not given, explains Ludwig.

Important to amplify in practice the efforts for addicts to people, for example by means of a comprehensive Substitution. "For this purpose, we need to attract more Doctors to reach the next Generation of the medical Profession makes to the health of all people in this country. Addiction must not be forgotten!", explains officer the drugs.

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In addition, they emphasized that it was the drug and addiction policy at the time was to finally have more open dialogs, instead of ideology-based debate. The common objective should be to give the addicted people and their families, more attention, and to take effective prevention measures.

Young people drink less

Pleased Ludwig showed, meanwhile, a decline in alcohol and tobacco use in young people. The number of regularly alcohol users young people had fallen to a historic low and the number of young people Smoking within ten to 15 years, two thirds have reduced, is also a success of prevention measures, the drug Commissioner.

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