Three Deaths and a miscarriage to sausage consumption in the Netherlands

Also in the Netherlands there are several Deaths due to Listeria contaminated meats. Three people died after consumption. A miscarriage is coming.

The Dutch news channel &quot reported;RTL Nieuws" citing the National Institute for public health and the environment (RIVM). Due to the message several super today will have taken markets and wholesalers of meat the Dutch company Offerman from the market – including Aldi, Jumbo, or Sligro.

  • How you can identify a Listeria infection and who is at risk

Offerman has long due to Listeria contamination in the sights of the authorities

The Dutch authority for food safety (NVWA) carried out by the company apparently already longer in sight and, therefore, additional inspections. It had been discovered at a site Listeria-infection.

Whether there is a connection with the in Germany dead people, the sausage had eaten the now-closed Hessian company Wilke were, is still unclear.