Best supplements for weight loss: Four supplements to help with slimming

Weight loss supplements may contain one or more active ingredients which could assist in fat burning, decrease appetite or reduce the absorption of fat. However, with the bombardment of pills offering weight loss magic, its easy to be left wondering which one is best. Not all weight loss supplements are created equal. What are four of the best supplements for weight loss?

Green tea extract

Green tea is primarily known for its beneficial antioxidants but it also helps with weight loss as it has a fat burning effect.

It has been shown to boost the weight loss process by making the body more effective at burning calories.

Raspberry ketones

This supplement is found in raspberries and is sold as a weight loss supplement. When tested on rats, it worked by isolating the fat cells and then the raspberry ketones broke down the fat and increased the levels of the hormone called adiponectin which is believed to be related to weight loss.

Amino acids

Amino acids have a variety of benefits including helping to reduce insulin levels and breaking down fat to release energy.

They also help with appetite suppression, promoting a healthy thyroid and reducing sugar cravings.

There are other natural remedies to help with weight loss. Water retention, constipation and liver damage are all factors that could be hindering weight loss.

Doctor Marilyn Glenville said: “Water retention is a common symptom and it can also add a kilo or so to your weight.

“Many woman who suffer from water retention turn to diuretics such as dandelion or parsley.

“The liver is part of the digestive system and plays a vital part in fat metabolism. Milk thistle and artichokes can be used to optisimise the functioning of the liver.

“Constipation will also make the weight loss journey more difficult and using flaxseeds will help with symptoms of constipation.”

Some weight loss supplements have side effects and it’s important to discuss with your GP before embarking on new methods to help with weight loss.

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