Jeff Lewis Reveals What's 'Not Working Out' in Parental Custody Agreement with Ex Gage Edward

Like many former couples, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are still figuring out how to undo the knots in the complicated ropes of co-parenting.

“This open-door visitation policy is not working out,” the Flipping Out star said on Tuesday’s episode of his SiriusXM show Jeff Lewis Live, about his and his ex’s shared custody of their 2½-year-old daughter Monroe Christine.

“I did say to Gage yesterday, moving forward, we need to have some sort of schedule. I said, ‘I know that our schedules change weekly, but how about Sundays we go over the week ahead of time?’ ” added Lewis, 49. “I don’t necessarily want to be there when he’s there all the time.”

“So I said, ‘Let’s go over the week. We’ll go over when you want to see [Monroe], when I want to see her.’ I said, ‘You’re not coming over twice a day anymore. That’s just not realistic,’ ” continued the father of one. “I’m not saying he cannot see her twice a day but, for example, I go to New York today. He’s going to stay at the house for four days. So he’s got her for four straight days.”

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Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward’s Daughter, 2, Is “Totally Unaware of Any Tension” Amid Separation

“Then [Gage] said to me, ‘Can I come over Saturday morning?’ ” Lewis recalled. “I said, ‘Just know, the last time I’m going to see Monroe is Monday night. I will not see her Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I do not see her until Friday evening. It would be nice if I could have alone time with her on Friday evening, Saturday morning.’ “

“And he was reasonable. He said, ‘I get that,’ ” the host continued of his ex. “I said, ‘It’s hard for me to take these trips for this long.’ “

Edward and Lewis never officially tied the knot, but were together for 10 years and welcomed their daughter via surrogate in October 2016. The longtime partners officially broke things off in February.

“Right now, it’s good. We’re having a conversation,” Lewis shared of the former couple’s custody situation on Tuesday. “I don’t think we need attorneys at this point. He understands now that we do need some structure. It has to change weekly. We’re probably going to get there.”

Lewis and Edward’s common ground when it comes to their daughter is one thing, but they are still dealing with some emotional fallout from their relationship.

“On Sunday morning, he came to see the baby and he was cold to me, really pissy. And that’s when I was like, ‘Your energy’s affecting me.’ I lived with that for 10 years,” Lewis alleged on the show. “I miss a lot about Gage, but the one thing I don’t miss is the dramatic mood swings and wondering what’s going on.”

“And, by the way, no communication, because I sent him a text and said, ‘Is everything okay? You seemed really, really upset.’ And of course, no response. That’s familiar!” he added. “I don’t want to deal with that s— anymore. Let the new boyfriend deal with the f—ing mood swings because I am done. I am retired from the new mood swings.”

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