YouTube against opponents

It has long been proven that vaccinations trigger autism. Nevertheless, the claim of some opponents still, for example in YouTube Videos. Social networks are now planning against such wrong information.

YouTube wants to continue to turn, no more ads before Videos that warn against vaccinations. Impfkritische channels can earn no more money on the Video platform. “Any incorrect information about medical issues is of concern”, – quotes the BBC a Statement from YouTube. Therefore, no longer be planned in a way that Videos from Impfgegnern appear in recommendation lists. In addition, the platform wants to link to such Videos with information boxes which explain the risks and, among other things, to Wikipedia entries.

Advertising partner threatened to jump

The decision by YouTube was not entirely voluntary. The Video platform was advised, among other things, by an article of the “Buzzfeed” under pressure. Several companies have complained that their Spots were switched before impfkritische Videos. Allegedly, they threatened to terminate the cooperation with YouTube, this should change nothing.

The Online platform Pinterest even want to come up with any search results and more on the topic of Vaccination show whether the information from Impfbefürwortern or opponents. The content remained, however, still accessible online. Pinterest is to develop better strategies, how individual content can be targeted to filter out, the company said.

Facebook has announced similar steps to counter the wrong information.

Discussion of vaccination

The world health organization (WHO) has declared the avoidance or delay of vaccination recently to one of ten major threats to health worldwide. So she is on a list with Ebola, antibiotic resistance and air pollution.

Also being discussed in Germany for some time violently about the Vaccination and a possible mandatory vaccination, especially since the number of measles cases in Europe in the year 2017 had increased markedly, although the disease could be eradicated by systematic Vaccination. To prevent outbreaks that would need to be immunized 95 percent of the population. However, the quota is not met in all age groups, not even in Germany.

Opponents who want to allow their children to not vaccinate, are rare, but about a third of the population in Germany is considered undecided. Also, because impfkritische pages distorted on the subject of reports. (Read more about it here.)