Wrong medication turns Spanish babies in werewolves

The administration of the wrong drug has led in Spain in the case of many babies to be unusually thick hair growth on the face, back and other parts of the body. At least 17 children were affected by the so-called “werewolf syndrome”, reported the newspaper “El País” and other media citing the competent authorities and concerned parents. We are Suffering in professional circles as hypertrichosis referred to.

“My son got a lot of hair, on the forehead, on the cheeks, on the arms and legs, the hands … he had the eyebrows of an adult. This has caused us much anxiety, because you knew what was going on”, is Ángela quoted Selles from Granada of “El País”. Her son, Uriel, was only six months old, as the unusually strong hair started to grew it was called.

Internal error led to the confusion

What had happened? The company Farma-Quimica Sur was due to an internal error, some Items of the blood pressure drug Minoxidil, which is also prescribed for hair loss, as a gastrointestinal drug omeprazole and brought to the market, said the Spanish health authorities.

After the first case in April was to become known, took the drug Agency AEMPS of the thing. You came to the root cause, and ordered the beginning of August, that all of the incorrectly labeled medication will be withdrawn from the market. The factory of Farma-Quimica Sur in Málaga has been closed also because of “serious non-compliance with the Control” for an indefinite period of time.

The 17 previously known cases were registered in the regions of Cantabria, Andalucia and Valencia. However, there may be more Affected, because in spite of the ongoing investigations of the health authorities only on Tuesday in Granada in the South of the country another case was known. The Prosecutor’s office in Cantabria took up investigations.

Hair fall out slowly again

Citing experts, El País wrote: “There is in the scientific literature, no cases of small children who have taken such quantities of Minoxidil.”

Concerned parents explained to “El País”, after the removal of the wrong drug, the hair will go back grew slowly. “The hair from falling but very slowly, the doctor said that it could take months until it is back to normal,” said a mother who had given her Baby for months unknowingly the wrong medicine against heartburn.

Even if in the case of Minoxidil, various side effects can occur, need to parents, according to authorities and Doctors, in principle, no major Worries about permanent damage.

The hypertrichosis affected persons are popularly called also “the wolf people”. The excess hair can be congenital due to genetic defects, which happens very rarely, but also of drugs such as Minoxidil triggered.

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