Why glued fascia cause pain: tips for Sufferers

All of the muscle fibers, the muscle strands and muscle groups in our body are covered by fascia. This is a kind of network-like connective tissue that is very tear resistant and yet extremely elastic. His task is to keep our musculoskeletal system as agile as possible. Due to lack of exercise, Stress, excess Acidity, or a posture can to the fascia, however, clog, or harden, and thus discomfort in the back, neck and shoulder area as well as in the joints cause. For this reason, special methods have been developed, the adherends to remove fibers. As you improve your muscular function and can reduce pain, you can find here.

Glued fascia detect: you need to pay attention to

Even if the bonded fibers are the most common cause for discomfort in the back area, can also trigger other health problems pain. An important indication that this speaks of is your skin, the pressure pain sensitive.

To find out if there are any problems in the fascial system, proceed as follows: Take a skin of the affected Region of the fold between the Finger and lift it carefully. They feel pain, and are glued fascia responsible. Even clearer is the diagnosis if the skin fold in the pain-sensitive Region is thicker – in the case of too much fluid accumulated that can no longer carry away the body properly.

So, you can dissolve sticky fascia

With the introduction of the fascial role was a new method developed, with the help of your muscles and the connective tissue self-massage can – and solely by the power of his own body. Properly applied, you can neck painful tension in the back and shoulder area to solve. Without medication or going to the doctor. Depending on what area you are editing and loosen up, there are different types of foam rollers.

How to apply these properly, is demonstrated in various Videos. In the Following, we present a few example videos to the respective training equipment:

1. The fascia of the role of the classic training equipment made of hard foam. They are available in different sizes and degrees of hardness available, and their function is always the same – the Massaging of the muscles and connective tissue. No matter whether you use the roller Standing up or Lying down: that’s Right, the role of glued fascia can solve applied and hardened muscles loosen. The smooth surface is great for the back as well as for the abdomen, legs, Butt , and even feet.
The role here.

How to use the role correctly, you will learn in this Video:


Tip: Alternatively, there is the Fascia exercises for the back and neck also as a book and on DVD.

2. The double-ball is a combination of two fascia balls, with which you can muscle strands in parallel. For this reason, the training device is also particularly good to stuck fascial and painful trigger points muscle spasms around the spine and the nape of the neck by using a specific Massage to solve. Through the correct application you can also the blood circulation in the muscles improve, so that the affected fascia faster refresh can.
The double-ball, click here.

How to train with dual ball correctly, you can find here:


3. The fascia ball is meant to be glued fascia selectively to massage. Due to the small contact area and the degree of hardness especially trigger points can be treated in a targeted and tight muscles are loosened. It is available in two different sizes – eight-and twelve-inches – are available, so that the fascia ball may not be applied only selectively, but also large-scale. Due to its handy size can the training device everywhere and thus also on the road (in the office or on vacation) may be used.
The Ball there are here.

In this Video, the correct application is shown:


Tip: For optimal treatment can you exercise equipment to combine. Here there are the Set.

4. The Twister is for die-Hard. Due to its dimpled surface is the selective Stimulation of individual muscles is especially effective, but also more painful than the other foam rollers. By using pressure and rotary movements can you sticky fascia and trigger points are also targeted to treat, regardless of whether Standing up or Lying down, on the floor or on the wall.
The Twister, click here.

As the Twister is used in a targeted manner, reveals this Video:


Source: YouTube

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