New doctors President requires heat breaks

Prior to the new extreme temperatures of the new doctors, President of heat calls for breaks for workers. “It is important, in the great heat of the beat number proceed down a bit, and – if somehow possible – a break from the extra,” said the in may to the President of the Federal chamber of physicians selected by Klaus Reinhardt of the “New osnabrück newspaper”. “Employers should provide care for their employees, that in the case of extreme heat, the pace is slowed down.”

Doctors President Klaus Reinhardt (Archive Photo)

The back cover comes from the SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach: “work at the tremendous temperatures is hazardous to health.” The classic break scheme is not designed “for the extreme heat”. Prescribed long lunch breaks, following the model of the Siesta in southern countries Lauterbach is wrong. “Necessary flexible arrangements are.”

The trade Union IG BAU, defendant, while there are rules, this would, however, broken by numerous contractors. “Many cross-bodies and ignore, apparently quite aware of the strict conditions, in order to save costs,” said IG BAU-speaker Ruprecht Hammerschmidt of the newspaper. “In extreme and exceptional cases you prefer to have a construction worker tipping him a bottle of water.”

Dangerous Heat

How dangerous heat waves, like the one we are experiencing at the Moment, according to researchers from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin studied. Their estimates of the heat Thousands of people in Germany costs the life. “You see that especially in the age groups 75 to 84 and over 85 years, there is a particular risk,” says Matthias an der Heiden. With a recent increase of deaths in Germany due to the June heat was to be expected.

A study of authors came to the Gentiles recently come to the conclusion that the heat wave of 2003, with 7600 heat dead severe consequences in the period from 2001 to 2015. For the summer of 2018, yet no nation-wide evaluations were alone for Berlin experts but of about 490 deaths. In the heat-summers 2006 and 2015, more than 6000 people have died, according to the calculations, in the whole country.

In the case of several types of diseases, the symptoms worsen at high temperatures, such as diseases of the respiratory system include. Are not affected according to the expert, but only people with underlying conditions: heat burden in General, the cardiovascular system – the body needs to keep its own temperature constant.

Video: “A heat stroke is still 40 to 50 percent fatal”

The stifling heat remains in the last June days: Up to 39 degrees, it may be this weekend in East Germany, hot – to record-breaking values according to the German weather service (DWD) once again possible.

Meanwhile, in France, the previous temperature record on Friday with more than 45 degrees in a number of southern French varieties. So were registered in Gallargues-le-Montueux to 45.9 degrees. In France on Friday 4000 schools had not opened, or an Emergency service will be established, such as France’s Premier Édouard Philippe said.

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