This Curling Iron Is My Secret to Perfect Beach Waves in Under 5 Minutes

If there's one hairstyle trend that's here to stay, it's beach waves—you've probably seen the look on everyone from celebs walking the red carpet to fellow wedding guests dressing to impress. And every time you spot someone with cascading waves in their hair, chances are that you've given out a compliment or wondered how to easily recreate the look at home. That was the case for me at least, until I discovered the The Beachwaver Pro 1.25-Inch Rotating Curling Iron ($133, marked down from $199;

Before discovering this all-in-one hair tool, I had stayed away from curling irons: They seemed time-consuming and complicated, and honestly, I was always afraid that I'd burn myself. Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa sought to change all of this when she invented The Beachwaver. If you're not familiar with the tool, it's more automated than your average curling iron. You tuck a section of your hair beneath a clamp and then hold down a button until the wand starts rotating, curling the sectioned-off piece for you. Watch the video above to see Potempa break down the entire process and demonstrate how quickly and easily the savvy curling iron works. The result? Perfectly uniform curls with impressive volume—even for someone like me who has thin hair. 

Potempa also uses this curling iron on her celebrity clients such as Lea Michele, Reese Witherspoon, Emily Blunt, and Camila Cabello. Here are some more dreamy looks created with the tool:

Another feature that sets this iron apart? It'll automatically shut off after 30 minutes. I haven't put this setting to use yet, but as someone who is constantly running back to my room to make sure I shut off my hot tools, it does give me peace of mind knowing that this extra safety detail is included. "This is the best and most convenient curler ever," said one Nordstrom reviewer. "Once you get the hang of it, you will never look back. I have hair that does not keep curls long and this gives me long lasting curls and it is so much less hard on your arms. I completely recommend it."   

I've had my Beachwaver for a few years now, and it still works just as well as it did when I first brought it home with me. I do have a few favorite ways to style my hair using it: If I wake up and my natural waves are a bit unruly, I'll take my Beachwaver and curl a few pieces towards the front of my hairline on either side. Then I run my fingers through my hair so that the waves all blend together. The entire process takes only a few minutes, which is ideal for those days  I'm rushing out the door to make it to the office. When I have more time, or want a dressier look, I'll curl my entire head of hair using the iron. 

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To buy: The Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver Pro 1.25-Inch Rotating Curling Iron, $133 (marked down from $199);

The price might sound intimidating at first, but I always say the best time to splurge is when it's on a product you know you'll use again and again. Skip just two blowouts for an at-home treatment with your Beachwaver, and you'll already be getting more than your money's worth. And if the cost still doesn't feel do-able, we have some good news: The Beachwaver Pro 1.25-Inch Rotating Curling Iron is marked 33% off right now, down to $133 (was $199),  thanks to Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale—so it's the perfect time to get your hands one one. But we don't know how quickly the Beachwaver will sell out, so you'll want to hit add to cart (along with some of our other favorite beauty finds from the sale) ASAP—everything will go back up to full price after the sale ends August 4th.

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