The Germans have less and less Sex, experts explain the reasons

“Sexual listlessness is a standard issue in my practice,” says the Munich-based Sex and couples therapist Heike Melzer. The recently released “REC-Monitor, 2019” revealed: Only 52 percent of German citizens have at least once a month Sex. Five years earlier, it was still 56 percent. The listlessness is but a partner, stresses Melzer. Huge porn consumer, as well as infinite Online deals for indicative and commercial Sex led to the fact that the instinctive side is decoupled, the sexuality of the related partnerships. A constant Partner will, however, with the time unattractive, explained the expert.

Similar sexologist Volkmar Sigusch: “From my point of view, it is essential that today, the permanent digital opportunities sexual and Energizing actions have dampened the appeal of the Sexual in the sense of: ‘I do not need to do this now, Yes, I can do that Yes, at any time,'” he explains. “The easier it is to attain something, the more it loses its appeal.”

Binding remains on the track

Melzer differs from the General desire. “The number of orgasms without a Partner, at least without a binding Partner, have increased in recent years due to the online available powerful sexual stimuli,” she says. “The effort to have with a Partner, Sex, meanwhile, is already exhausting. It comes from the retort of pornography or with powerful Sex Toys that much easier.” The aspect of the binding was coming but then to short.

The study of the Foundation for questions of the future, published by the “leisure Monitor”, which is differentiated into many sub-groups: 59 percent of parents in the age group of 25 – to 49-Year-olds have at least once a week to have Sex, 82 per cent at least once in a month. The least Sex to have the information to Singles (27 percent on a weekly basis, 49 percent on a monthly basis) and retirees of 65 years and more: 7 and 23 percent, respectively.

Sexologist Heinz-Jürgen Voß of the University of applied Sciences Merseburg has doubts that the study for the individual groups because of small case numbers are still representative. The tendency, however, for example in terms of Singles voice, “contrary to popular commonly expected”. According to the studies from the Leipzig and Merseburg sexual science and the Hamburg sex research, only five percent of the “Sexaufkommens” of Singles-would be provided, he formulates. For young people The a applicable: “more and sooner, the other later.” For the resources considered, the age of first Sex, the first sexual intercourse remain, therefore, about the same.

The reasons for the increasing listlessness are different. Ulrich Reinhardt, scientific head of the representative study for the “leisure Monitor”, such as greater Smartphone use calling as an example: “If the Partner is the whole time on the phone, this is not just a romantic mood that was being created.” Voss calls, especially occupational Stress as a lust killer: “Shortly after work, come home, and sexually functioning to should, not or only hard. For good Sex and good to each other overall, you should take your time.”

Global Trend to less Sex

Added performance stress by the porn industry, and Social Media, as Melzer puts it: “the duration of erect penises, multiple orgasms, tight little body, thanks also to a corresponding Filter of the perceived target value in Sex coincides only rarely with the actual value.” The Trend that we have less Sex is not only a German phenomenon, but also in many other countries. At the same time, the number of Unspoilt walks. So, around four in ten of the 18 have in Japan – to 36-Year-old even no sexual experience.

We compare ourselves in terms of Sex, is from Melzer’s point of view, no Problem – but completely normal. “Men are particularly performance-oriented, and compare like to be competitive with your environment,” she says. However, surveys of Sex-issues to be treated with caution, because men tended to exaggerate and brag about, while women are told rather less than you really experience.

How much Sex is normal?

On the question of how much Sex is “right”, however, there is no generally valid answer: “I have people who forego Sex completely and also no Problem to see, and others that have three times a day Sex and this is normal to feel,” says Melzer. You could get with too little than with too much Sex problems.

“The biggest Concerns is the large number of people, the slide into sex addiction with all the classic symptoms of the development of Tolerance, increases in Dose up to a loss of control and strong negative effect in the life to prepare me currently,” says Melzer. Only this year, the world health organization has recognized compulsive sexual disorders as a disease. “Sex is increasingly becoming a consumer product and as well as in the diet, there is too Much side effects, which are not many even so be aware of it,” says Melzer – from relationship problems to erectile dysfunction.

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