Bowing to magic: Lauterbach wants to ban funds to pay for homeopathy

SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach does not let up. For years, the health expert, creates again and again with the Pharma industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Lauterbach wants to achieve that statutory health insurance funds are not allowed to assume the cost of homeopathy. Now he dares to take a new initiative.

“Wrong, in the sense of reason and enlightenment”

Lauterbach uses a line from France. The health authority had agreed only a few days ago, homeopathic medicines, their action and requires that the costs for such treatments are not covered by health insurance. In France, school doctors and homeopathic Doctors has been going on for years, a bitter dispute. While the call for a public effective exclusion “of the esoteric disciplines from medicine,” countering the other with a lawsuit “for breach of professional ethics”. According to information from the chamber of Physicians 56 percent of the French, swear to, Globules and co. Similar Figures are also known from Germany.

“In the sense of reason and the enlightenment, as well as of patent protection, it is also in Germany, incorrectly, that funds from marketing reasons, for homeopathy to pay,” said Lauterbach on Tuesday via the short message service Twitter. Man had to talk in the Grand coalition, he explained in an Interview with the “daily mirror”. Also in Germany the law are not obliged to click health insurance companies to cover the costs for alternative healing methods. However, almost all of the major funds to pay for homeopathic medicines and treatments. The want to change Lauterbach. Because “voluntary services need to be cost-effective and medically appropriate,” said the SPD politician.

Union holds against it: “do not Lead a crusade.”

Back to cover he gets from the Federal Joint Committee (GBA), which decides on the duty performance of the statutory funds. “Methods of treatment without clear evidence of effectiveness and Use should not be ennobled by the fact that they are paid by the funds as the articles of Association services, said GBA Chairman Josef Hecken the “daily mirror”. Blankly, the Union responded to the Statements according to Bach. “We do not lead a crusade against a naturopath and naturopathic treatment,” said health spokeswoman Karin Maag. You think it is wrong to restrict the voluntary services of the insurer.

Maag’s party colleague, the current Minister of health, Jens Spahn, was 2010 open for according to Bach’s demand to prohibit the assumption of costs for homeopathic therapies. Numerous studies would not have been able to prove that homeopathic preparations have a medical effect, he explained at the time, in the “Berliner Zeitung”.

Source: “Daily Mirror”