Researchers warn of deadly Zombie disease in wild animals – are also at risk people?

More and more wild animals in the United States suffer from a lack of coordination, Drooling, and weight loss – symptoms, how you know them from zombie movies. Scientists refer to the so-called “Chronic Wasting Disease” (CWD) as a “Zombie disease”. Now research in which it is investigated, whether people are at risk of the disease run.

According to the authority of the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) have been discovered since the beginning of the year, 24 US States cases. The nervous disease, let the animals in addition to the physical symptoms also increasingly aggressive, said the authorities, and give them to people less anxious.

The US health authority, the disease is transmitted through body fluids such as blood, saliva, or urine, and in every case, fatal. An antidote has not yet been found.

Authority speaks warning

There is no case yet known in which a man by the Zombie-disease affected. However, the authority advises caution. Animal studies showed that the disease is highly contagious for other animals. Researchers tested this on monkeys, where the meat or body fluids from CWD-infected submitted by wild animals. The monkeys were infected by the disease. Since the genetics of the monkey is similar to the part of the human, is evident from these test trials, that infection can not be excluded in humans.

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