No appetite on the favorite food? Behind it, a cancer can suffer stuck

When the meat no longer tastes all of a sudden, this can be a typical reference to cancer of the stomach. The tumor disease has symptoms in the early stage, only diffused. It is important to pay attention to the body signals, because of the cancer still treated well.

  • Caution if you have coffee or meat no longer tastes all of a sudden.
  • Stomach cancer is often discovered late, the entire stomach must be removed.
  • Ham, sausage and grilled can promote stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer is highly curable if discovered in time. But in most cases it is detected too late and the chances of a cure are only at 20 percent, as the professional Association of German internists warns.

No one thinks for stomach pain is equal to cancer

Why is it so? Stomach cancer at an early stage, so if he could be successfully treated, often have only General signs such as stomach pain or bloating. These are complaints that any of us knows, and the most innocuous causes. Often just a slight stomach upset or in the worst case, a Gastritis. Stomach cancer and hardly anyone thinks, except for a hypochondriac.

If preferences in meal suddenly change

There are, however, a Symptom that many gastric cancer-reports of the patients and can therefore be an important note: you suddenly have an aversion to certain foods or beverages that you liked before – or they tolerate you to bad. This can be:

  • Coffee
  • Fruit
  • Alcohol
  • Meat

Seven other symptoms of stomach cancer

In addition, there are additional signs, which may occur in connection with carcinoma of the stomach:

In the case of each of these signs, especially if it is for weeks or comes back again, you should consult your family doctor or an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

Simple diagnosis of the gastroscopy

After a detailed history and physical examination such as Palpation of the abdomen, will advise the specialist to a gastroscopy. For this you need to be sober. The examination only takes a few minutes and is pain-free, because you get a light slumber anesthesia.

A little numbing spray in the throat, preventing the gag reflex, while the doctor guides the endoscope (which contains a camera and a tiny pair of pliers) through the esophagus into the stomach. He discovered in the stomach mirroring the suspicious areas, he will take over the endoscope to take a tissue sample and then in the laboratory to investigate histological examination) (.

If the suspicion is confirmed and it is cancer, will be able to clarify further investigation, how large the Tumor is, whether lymph nodes are affected and there may be metastases. Stomach cancer spreads frequently in liver and lungs, in women in the ovaries. All of this can be found with an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, and computed tomography.


Stomach cancer – what is it?

In most cases, a so-called adenocarcinoma is diagnosed. This means that the cancer starts from the glandular cells of the gastric mucosa. You have changed pathologically, and have become vicious. Only in the rarest of cases, gastric cancer metastases of breast or lung cancer.

The risk of developing stomach cancer increases with the years. This is because a stomach cancer usually grows slowly. In Germany, the diagnosis is “stomach cancer” each year approximately 16,000 times more men than women are affected.

Therapy in gastric cancer, surgery is first

The treatment for stomach cancer depends on the stage of the disease, i.e. how far it has progressed. The stages range from 0 to IV, where 0 means that the Tumor is on the top layer of the gastric mucosa is limited, in the case of stage IV has spread to cancer in adjacent tissue outside of the stomach, or even has formed metastases in other organs.

Surgery endoscopically or via a scalpel

If the Tumor is still small and only the mucous membrane of the stomach relates to the gastric carcinoma often endoscopic removal of a tube through the mouth and esophagus, as in the case of gastroscopy.

The gastric carcinoma is larger, parts of the stomach (partial section), and sometimes even the entire body (gastro ectomy) are in an open abdominal surgery, also infested fabric of the neighborhood and surrounding lymph nodes.

Artificial stomach create

As a gastric set, the surgeon connects the small intestine and esophagus. They can shapes from loops of small intestine in a so-called “Pouch”, so an artificial fabric bag. In the first period after the surgery, the patient to be fed artificially. Later it is usually back to eat. Enzymes in tablet form that help the digestive process working again.

Cancer in higher stages is additionally treated with chemotherapy, often with radiation therapy.

Antibodies to keep the cancer in check

A newer treatment option are bodies targeted drugs with anti. These antibodies are put to typical receptors in the cancer cells and thus prevent that they share. The use of the following antibodies come in different types of gastric cancer cells:

  • Trastuzumab
  • Ramucirumab

The chances of a cure for stomach cancer depend on how early the Tumor is detected. In the first stages, when the cancer is limited only to the layers of the stomach mucosa, are success rates high: 75 percent of the Affected can be cured. With increasing size of the tumor, spread in and outside of the stomach wall, as well as metastases of these prospects fall.

The risk factors of stomach cancer-avoid – Stomach bug treat

It is better, therefore, to also early warning signs to clarify and make sure, the stomach has no potential risks. One of the most important: Helicobacter pylori. Studies show that colonization with this stomach germ the risk to get cancer of the stomach, at least tripled. He occupied permanently skin the stomach lining and damage it.

The symptoms of a Helicobacter infection: heartburn, stomach pain, can later form an ulcer. With a breath test, the doctor passes through, the bacteria detected and the appropriate antibiotic therapy kills the pathogens.

Further, preventable risk factors for stomach cancer:

Smoking (cancer-causing substances from the smoke pass through the saliva into the stomach)

a lot of alcohol (the substance causes damage to the gastric mucosa)

Obesity and lack of exercise(statistically, people that weigh too much and too little Sport, a higher gastric cancer have seen risk)

High consumption of animal products such as sausages, Cured products, Smoked and salt – which is documented in studies like the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC). Important nitrosamines, which arise when Smoking, grilling and pickling, and cancer can attract are here again. With ham, sausage and barbecue steak, you go directly into the stomach, and can have serious consequences.

It is worthwhile to take this advice seriously and change his life style accordingly. Because stomach cancer is rarely genetic, but is usually favored by factors that we can influence ourselves. Considering this, you can’t reduce only the stomach cancer risk, but also the diseases of Diabetes and cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke.