Many young athletes suffer under incontinence

In the case of performance athletes, incontinence is not uncommon, primarily affects women. In some sports, the rate of suffering is carrying up to eighty percent. Shame most of the boys Concerned silence. In this case, the Problem could be treated well, says Prof. Dr. Birgit Schulte-Frei of the Fresenius University of applied Sciences.

The causes for the phenomenon are manifold: Among other things, concern about weight, which occurs in young athletes is frequently, ensure that the pelvic floor is weakened muscles. Also, the special physical strains, especially in sports with lots of jumping elements, such as athletics, Volleyball, Handball or Basketball, weaken the pelvic floor. Critical there be excessive Training and a simultaneous neglect of the pelvic floor muscles: "Basically, the hard floor with these kinds of sports is not the Problem. The impact sets important stimuli for the training of the muscles. This is why today, the formerly frowned upon is running in a different, more positive Licht", says Schulte-Frei, Dean of the faculty of health & Social at the Fresenius University of applied Sciences. In fact, there are the most Affected when jumping on a trampoline: The soft, yielding ground was a poison for the pelvic floor muscles.

To address the Problem, the awareness is the first necessary step. "We need to make athletes the courage, the topic out in the open." It could not be that young women are suffering for several years under a solvable Problem, only because no one wants to talk about it. These cases are rarely reported, such as Schulte-Free from the practice. In addition, it is important to integrate that, in particular, in the case of athletes Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in the workout plan. Furthermore, the expert recommends to reduce unhealthy Stress and performance pressure, since both the problems are often amplified.


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