Hirschhausen meets the famous APE researcher Jane Goodall: That’s what distinguishes man and animal

For “DR. v. hirschhausen’s STAR HEALTHY LIFE” has Eckart von Hirschhausen made the famous chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall, who has become this Wednesday 85 years old. In the Interview you come very very close. Jane Goodall shows how welcome chimpanzee:

I’m the female and you the male. We meet again after a separation. I’m a little nervous because you’re dominant. You’re obsessed because you’re excited. I’m a little ducked. You’re at a standstill. I make this noise. We like us, so you hold out a Hand, and Pat and encourage me. You whisper in my ear? I whisper it in your neck – tickling. Look, he giggles. I have a passion for you. It brings me to fall in love with you. And what is the male doing? The male returned the embrace, if he likes you. Otherwise, he is doing so. I like you. Can I hug you? The you may.

What are the differences between the man and his closest living Relatives are?

I think the biggest difference between us and the chimpanzees, the explosive development of our intellect. Genetically we are almost identical. Personally, I think that the trigger of this Explosion is in our brain language. We are able to discuss, theoretically, we can learn from the past, we can plan for the future. That’s what distinguishes us the most.

However, it is precisely this difference that leads the researcher to a Central question.

It is a very odd question: How is it that the smartest creature that ever walked on this earth, destroying its only home? We seem to have the wisdom of the past is lost. We do not make decisions on the basis of how they relate to the next Generation. But: As it relates to me now? The next shareholder meeting? The next political campaign?

We measure success by money and Power, instead of the life we lead and the Good that we do. It seems that the connection between the clever brain and the human heart would be broken, so love and compassion. I think that if the head and the brain to work in harmony, we can reach our potential. Our potential is enormous. And there are people out there who achieve their potential. It is crucial that we come together now and do something about it. Otherwise, it is too late.

But what humanity can do to change it?

We need to break down the barriers between people of different Nations, different cultures, different religions, between old and young, rich and poor. And also between us and mother nature.