Funds to pay colorectal cancer screening in the future from 50 years ago

Colorectal cancer screening men can have in the future from just 50 years, at the expense of the statutory health insurance a colonoscopy. Previously, the investigation had been offered to the Insured by law until the age of 55 years, shared the Felix-Burda-Stiftung.

Officially, the deal starts on Friday (19. April), because of the decision of the competent body, joined six months ago. 1. July could begin with the funds in addition, invitations to participate in the bowel cancer Screening send, reported the Federal Joint Committee of Doctors, insurance funds and hospitals (G-BA).

With the lowered age limit, the fact would be taken into account, "the disease ansteigt&quot risk in men starting at 50 clear;, the professional Association was established gastroenterologists. In women, the threshold at 55 years of age. In the case of special risks or discomfort, as before, regardless of colonoscopies can be done.

After ten years are entitled to a second screening

For both sexes, the following applies: After a minimum of ten years, be entitled to a second colonoscopy. One takes the offer until the age of 65, you will only be entitled to such an investigation. From 75 colorectal cancer screening is not recommended according to the Burda-Stiftung.

Women and men between 50 and 54 years, an annual Test for hidden blood in the stool. Abnormal findings can then be investigated with a colonoscopy (colonoscopy). It is according to the Burda-Stiftung is the most effective method to detect colorectal cancer at an early stage.

And Obesity risk factors are Smoking

According to the centre for cancer registry data, colorectal cancer was diagnosed in this country in 2014, approximately 61,000 time, approximately 25,000 patients died. Colorectal cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Smoking, being Overweight, low fiber diet, lack of exercise and regular consumption of red meat and alcohol are risk factors.