Experts Claim Healthy Lifestyle Increases Your Longevity!

According to health experts, most people with good health all have two things in common: genes and good luck. But since not everyone is blessed with healthy genes, the health experts recommend you maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. Not only that, but it also helps increase your longevity too. According to a new report published in Circulation, having a healthy lifestyle helps increase your lifespan by 12-14 years!

The Studies

The health professionals conducted two epidemiological studies on 120,000 men and women and they followed the participants’ lifestyle pattern for 34 years. The study concluded the people aging 50 years old and above who had healthy dietary habits, who exercised daily with moderate alcohol intake, and those who never smoked were able to maintain a healthy weight and body.

The study also showed most men, and women who had undergone a healthy lifestyle were cleared from any serious medical illnesses diagnosis.

According to the health professionals, the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle were also rewarding. For example, a 50-years old woman who follows healthy lifestyle can expect to live up to 93 years, compared to a woman who indulges in an unhealthy lifestyle and can only expect to live up to 79 years old. For men who had undergone a healthy lifestyle, they can expect to live until 76-88 years old.

The Location Matters, Too

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the location where you’re born and raised also plays a crucial role in developing healthy lifestyle habits. The study revealed those people who were born from Africa, and the Caribbean have a healthy diet composed of fruits, vegetables, fibers, and omega 3-fatty acids. The study also showed most people living in Africa and the Caribbean tend to have longer lives compared to the United States.

Meanwhile, the United States spends more money on expensive healthcare compared to any other country.

Despite the United States’ vast budget and spending power on availing healthcare services, the study shows most North American people are still suffering from ill health and even higher mortality rate. What seems to be a problem in North America? According to the report, the epidemic obesity that plagued the country triggers an increase of heart attack and Type 2 Diabetes cases, which turns out to be the biggest killers in America’s high mortality rate.

There Is Still Hope

According to a separate study conducted by the University of Liverpool in England, achieving a healthy lifestyle is not an impossible dream. They claim a person can still achieve a healthy lifestyle if they want to. According to their first experiment, the female diners were divided randomly to receive either a small or large quiche for lunch. The day after, they allowed the same group to serve themselves any size portion they desired.

The researchers revealed the group that had been served a smaller portion tend to eat smaller portions of food compared to the larger ones.

Their second experiment was conducted on male diners and it also yielded the same result. Meanwhile, the third experiment was conducted a week later, this time both genders were included. The diners were asked to look at the photos with different portion sizes.

The researchers asked which portion looked normal and appetizing to them. Those who were served with smaller portions considered the smaller ones appetizing and normal to eat. These series of studies show it’s possible for people to shift their perspective when it comes to food diet and portion sizes.

Food Portion Control

According to health experts, most restaurants in the United States, especially in the upper New York State tend to serve larger portions than the ones in Canada. While these serving portions aren’t likely to change any time soon, the families in both countries can restrict their food intake by minimizing their portion size. Aside from monitoring your portion size, the health professionals also recommend you pay attention to what’s on the plate.

For example, most American breakfasts tend to be rich in sugar while not having enough fiber. Instead of eating only your favorite bacon, you can add an apple in your breakfast menu instead. Not only are apples delicious, but also loaded with fiber, which decreases your hunger reflex and makes you feel satiated for a longer period of time.

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