Diet and exercise will not prevent pregnancy diabetes

A study by the MedUni Vienna demonstrates that in obese Pregnant women there is neither a lower weight gain through diet or exercise, you develop less of a gestational diabetes. A Low Carb diet could be the results according to the pregnancy even more inconvenient.

Severely obese women should increase, according to the recommendations, only five to nine kilograms. Whether it’s sports or a change in Diet help obese women to avoid pregnancy diabetes has been studied in over 400 women, and the result in the renowned scientific journal Diabetes Care released: It showed that a change in Diet, such as the reduction of soft drinks, carbohydrates and fat, as well as an increased consumption of protein and fiber – a lower weight gain resulted in. In return, however, were due to the reduced intake of carbohydrate, fatty acid and ketone bodies in the blood of Pregnant women is detectable propagated, and also in the newborn, elevated levels of free fatty acids were detected. The consequences of this are still unclear and need to be further explored.

Sport was also considered not suitable to work around a pregnancy diabetes: Neither physical movement nor additional doses of Vitamin D made a difference.

It is estimated that approximately one in seven Pregnant women gets gestational diabetes, and about one-third of these women is obese. Gestational diabetes is the major risk factor for later type 2 Diabetes, and also in the case of children the risk is increased.