Defenseless victims, and disturbing deeds: What K. o.-drops makes it so dangerous

The cases are similar: In Hamburg, a 60-raped-Year-old a 19-Year-old, and in front of court that K.-o.-drops were in the game. Women are lured in Düsseldorf in Hotels and raped – probably the K.-o.-drops were used. In Munich, a woman is struggling at the moment to a trial against one of her alleged rapist – her Conviction after she got K. o.-drops. In Freiburg, a process for the gang-rape of an 18-currently runs Year – according to the indictment, her knockout drops were administered. Each Time they were hidden in beverages.

The acts are disturbing, the number of unreported cases, according to the victim protection organization White Ring, supports the 36-Year-old in Munich in their fight for a prosecution, is substantial. “The substances can only be in the very short term to prove. We therefore assume that the dark figure is relatively high,” says a spokesman. According to the Federal criminal police office in the police statistics registered number of cases is low and not moving for several years, is relatively stable in the lower three-digit range. “The dark field is likely to be far greater.”

K.-o.-drops to taste of nothing, smell of nothing

The Treacherous to the drops is not just that you no longer have to prove a few hours after taking it. But also that they are neutral in odour and taste. Once in the drink, to remember the victims, first of all nothing of it, until the effect sets in. “I was dizzy and sick,” says an 18-year-old Concerned. She then left the Club, in which you had previously with your Clique celebrated with the “friend of a friend of a friend” to drive home. He had passed in the car on her, the young woman had been through the drops, incapable of resistance, and paralyzed.

“Everyone knows someone who was somehow already with K.-o.-drops in contact,” says entrepreneur Kim Eisenmann. After the 30-year-old Karlsruherin experienced such a case in the known circuit, she developed together with her boyfriend a special bracelet. The drops of a soft drink is given to the test points, it changes to the area. Iron man said that Drinks can be tested for the most famous knockout drops.

How safe this is – in the market there are also other rapid tests is controversial. Not all substances are covered. However, Since Eisenmann is the bracelet in the Online Shop of a drugstore chain markets, the demand enormous and the Band in the meantime had been sold out. In the course of August, the Band will be available to buy in stores, says a spokesman for the company dm.

An evaluation of the real extent of damage caused by knock-out drops would be difficult, says a spokeswoman for the baden-württemberg Ministry of health: Because they would be rapidly degraded and a possible fact leave then no way to prove it. “The significant hazards to life and health”, required stricter rules, regardless of whether someone take the substance on purpose, in the Form of Liquid Ecstasy, or unintentionally as a K.-o.-drops to himself.

The bitter substances in drops a solution?

Minister man Lucha (Green) suggested in June to the conference of health Ministers in Leipzig, the handling of substances that are used for knock-out drops, contain. Possible for example, to change the Drug – or narcotics act. The Ball is now in the Federal Ministry of health.

I’m also going to be discussed, to enable these substances, bitter substances. The Benefit is however questionable, since in many of the already bitter-tasting Cocktails, the bitter substance could not be tasted out. The Ministry of the interior in Baden-Württemberg is in the words of a speaker, the conference of interior Ministers will take up the issue on the agenda.

The good news is that, according to the White Ring, the reporting to the dangers of knock-out drops also due to spectacular cases such as the last of the in Freiburg increased. This had led to a relevant increase in the number of help-seekers, the would have reported the victim is the protection of the Federal government, says the spokesman. Prevention is a permanent task, however, is: “The grandson trick, there are now, for example, for more than 20 years and it still works,” he says. “We also need to stay with knockout drops in it.”

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