Car accident: women are more frequently injured

The most common type of accident is when cars are head-on collisions. Cars that were built in the last decade, have proven in a new study, as safer than older models. The results, however, show that unbelted women are much injured more seriously than men. In older people, however, tend to injuries on the chest.

Researchers at the University of Virginia have found that women belt in spite of the security, with 73 per cent higher probability in the case of frontal accidents to be injured than men. The greatest difference in the case of injuries to the lower extremities. The reasons for this are still unknown: "Until we have understood the basic biomechanical factors that contribute to an increased risk for women, we will be limited in its ability to schließen&quot the risk gap;, Jason Forman, a scientist said at the center for Applied biomechanics.

Those aged 66 and over were the study results showed that particularly prone to injuries of the chest, which is probably due to the fact that the bone fragility increases with age. Newer Cars on the meadows tend to have a lower risk of injury: in Particular skull fractures, injuries of the cervical spine and the abdominal area, as well as from the waist down were less common. The risk for bone fractures of Ribs and sternum, as well as injuries of the hands and arms, however, was consistent.

For the study, more than 23,000 head-on collision had been with more than 31,000 inmates from the age of 13 analyzed.