Coalition paves way for Vaccination in the pharmacy

In Germany, all the people do not get Far against the flu vaccination, which this protection is recommended. The coalition government now wants to allow in the framework of regional model projects that pharmacist this vaccination to be administered.

This is an Amendment of the CDU/CSU and SPD for measles protection act. The hope is that by offering more people against the flu should be vaccinated.

According to the request, pharmacists can only vaccinate adults, not children. You must have previously completed the appropriate training and suitable rooms available. And may be the responsible pharmacist chambers have to adapt the rules of their profession, because these activities such as the Vaccination actually exclude.

The model projects a maximum of five years and is scientifically accompanied. Because whether the goal is achieved, to encourage more people to vaccination, must be seen. Other vaccinations should the pharmacist not be administered.

As the “FAZ” reported, responded to the Doctors, indignant at the proposal. The Plan is beyond the limits of the healing professions and is “not acceptable”, said the Chairman of the German family doctors ‘ Association, Ulrich Weigeldt, the “FAZ”. “Vaccinations do not belong in a pharmacy, the learned pharmacist never.”

In contrast, the head of the health insurance Fund AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, Günter Wältermann commented positively. “Let the pharmacist be vaccinated against influenza, if we increase the vaccination rate and a lot of influenza can prevent deaths,” said Wältermann of the “Rheinische Post”. He stressed that pharmacists in France and Switzerland, were allowed to Vaccinate.

Those who get vaccinated should

In the last Winter have died, according to estimates by the Robert Koch-Institute 25.100 people to the flu – it has the highest number of death cases in the past 30 years.

The Standing Committee on vaccination recommends that all people over 60 years of age for annual influenza vaccination. We also recommended the vaccination for many people with chronic illness, as well as for Pregnant women (starting in the second trimester of pregnancy). Also people who have a greater risk to infect others, the vaccination of close to. This applies, for example, for medical personnel.