Blood poisoning: When these warning signs to dial 112

Sepsis, popularly known as blood poisoning, is the worst form of infection. The disease is often not detected soon enough, what is for the Concerned life-threatening. The Independent patient counseling Germany (UPD) informed, for what symptoms immediately, the rescue service is called it should be.

In Germany are estimated to suffer annually to be 154 000 people from Sepsis. Of these, approximately 56,000 will die of the consequences, more than 150 people a day. "Blood poisoning is always a local infection voraus", Dr. Johannes Schenkel, medical Director of the UPD stated. Normally, our immune system is able to provide a local infection, such as an inflamed wound, directly on the spot to curb. The pathogen spread in the body, can lead to the immune system überakti is the fourth and not only the bacteria but also the body’s own cells to attack.

The Sepsis is not treated early enough, it can fail to tissue damage, shock, multiple organ, and ultimately lead to death. Around a sixth of the patients who survive Sepsis suffer afterwards adverse health effects. These include, for example, nerve and muscle damage, chronic renal and liver failure, or lack of concentration.

Sepsis is an emergency and must be treated right away. Who provides for himself or another Person, the following symptoms, alert the emergency service 112:

  • Fever or chills
  • Confusion
  • fast, heavy breathing
  • extreme feeling of illness
  • discolored arms and legs

If two or more of these signs are present, the probability of Sepsis is high.

For the therapy, which is usually done in the ICU, the administration of antibiotics. It is also important to determine the inflammation cause and treat specifically. Vaccinations can help prevent infections and reduce the risk for blood poisoning. “Certain high-risk groups is recommended, for example vaccination against seasonal influenza and against pneumococcal disease, which can trigger a bacterial pneumonia,” said leg. These diseases are among the most common causes for the development of a Sepsis.


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