Berries instead of pills: These foods fight inflammation in the body

It is a disease like a cold smouldering fire: she is not hurting, has no fever, no swelling or redness. It runs quietly and secretly inside the body. Worldwide, scientists are studying the phenomenon of low-threshold, chronic inflammation, “low grade inflammation” was called. In this case, the immune system, particularly the innate, non-specific part that reacts overwrought. In contrast to acute inflammation, this condition is not sound but remains in place. It is a precursor to many different diseases, but they often go unnoticed. This makes it so important, with the right Lifestyle to prevent.

The messengers, the bubbles always air into the embers, are so-called cytokines, such as Interleukin – 1 or Tumor necrosis factor-Alpha: circulate constantly in the blood and can cause cells respond to the hormone Insulin from the pancreas weaker – this “insulin resistance” is a precursor to type 2 Diabetes. In the arteries cytokines promote the formation of deposits, let in addition, so-called foam cells grow. Both of which are restricted (“calcified”) the vessels and increases the risk for a heart attack or stroke. Also the brain reacts to the inflammation substances – it seems as though you could favor the emergence and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Themselves on our Psyche which cytokines influence; Researchers at the University hospital of Leipzig found in depressive patients increased blood levels of these substances. As if all this were not enough, speed up the silent inflammation in the aging: “Chronic, low-threshold inflammation is one of the major reasons for degenerative processes and thus for the aging. Therefore, we also speak of Inflamm-Aging,” says Cornel Sieber, Director of the Institute for Biomedicine of aging, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. “The inflammatory messenger-Mix promotes the formation of free radicals, causes oxidative Stress, which can in turn damage various tissues. So will be promoted in addition to the aforementioned chronic diseases as well as osteoporosis, rheumatism or Arthritis.”

Follow the “Western Diet”

On the one hand, the dumb seem to be inflammation is a normal consequence of the aging process, however, they are also increasing the life – style of modern Western societies-in the meanwhile, a number of studies. One of the main reasons for an Excess of cytokines, in our adipose tissue, particularly in and around the belly. It distributes the messengers is increased. But not only is the visible result of the wrong food, and sweet Snacks to fuel the action: If, after a doughnut or a soda a lot of sugar and therefore a lot of Insulin in the blood will float, that may cause a rise in inflammatory factors and oxidative Stress.

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Too Much saturated fat can cause the cells of the immune system, inflammation markers emit. “These cells are able to detect excessive concentrations of saturated fatty acids,” says Joachim Schultze, head of the Department of genomics and immunoregulation at the Limes Institute of the University of Bonn. “In a regular high level of exposure, they react with an inflammatory response to this stimulus.” The Western diet contains a lot of saturated fats from meats and meat, and a lot of sugar, cholesterol and salt. So he takes double the influence on the immune be done: Indirectly by the increase in weight and abdominal Fat – and directly, by these substances irritate the immune system. A person spends also much time sitting on the Sofa or in front of the Computer, the damage the double: The body stores more fat, and him, a simple Instrument, the inflammatory substances regulate down: sports escapes. Not only in normal-weight, even in obese people, it reduces the blood content of dangerous chemicals. Even in the case of very old people exercise and a change in Diet cause the inflammatory markers decrease in the blood.

Food can not only provoke a response of the immune system – you may also help it again to shut down. “A very important factor are antioxidants,” says Sieber. “Because oxidative processes, causing inflammation.” Antioxidants braking, the reaction of Cell components with oxygen, the most important include vitamins C, E and A, and bioactive plant substances such as flavonoids. Many of these catcher enter of free Radicals in our metabolism, increases the body’s ability to measure, to defend themselves against dangerous oxygen compounds. To resort therefore to the vitamin pill is not a good idea, however, because studies show that high-dose Vitamin supplements, the total mortality rather increase than decrease.

The rule of thumb against inflammation

A good rule of thumb is to take enough anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, and are according to the German nutrition society (DGE), three servings of vegetables and two servings to eat of fruit per day, especially green leafy vegetables and cabbage, also red and yellow fruits and vegetables, berries,. Nuts provide plenty of Vitamin E; Walnuts and cashews also contain Tryptophan, an amino acid, which can regulate immune responses. Walnuts, Flax and canola oil contain as a plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid called Alpha-linolenic acid: is converted in the metabolism to eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. The again prevent the formation of inflammation-promoting messengers, at the same time they are building blocks for anti-inflammatory substances. Both acids can also be found directly in fat-rich fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna.

Profile Cashew Nut

Based on 100 grams – calories: 572 kcal; Fat: 42 Grams; Protein: 18 Grams; Dietary Fiber: 3 Grams

Cashew nuts taste sweet and leave when Bitten a creamy feeling in the mouth. Therefore, the half-moon-shaped nuts are very popular. Cashew nuts are considered to be very healthy – they contain zinc, carotenoids, and folic acid, the amino acid Tryptophan, which can convert the body into the happiness hormone Serotonin.

Also important: dietary fiber, favorite lining of our intestinal roommate (Microbiota) that produce Butyrate and other short chain fatty acids. Not only the intestinal mucosa to keep healthy, they are also actively involved in the Regulation of the immune system. Scientists from the University of Illinois could recently show that Butyrate can even reduce inflammatory processes of the brain.

For this it needs the luck, not even a sophisticated dining plan. “It helps if you eat a balanced diet, and Mediterranean, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grain products, nuts and fish,” says Cornel Sieber. “That’s enough to keep inflammation as low as possible.” A recent study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden him right. Scientists evaluated the data of over 68,000 subjects, which were observed over 16 years, and came to the conclusion: those Who stick to the above diet (also known as “anti – inflammatory diet” is named), on red meat, sausage, Chips, and soft drinks dispensed, lives longer and gets less likely to have a heart attack or cancer. By the way: The inflammation-dampening foods, the Swedish researchers also included tea, coffee, and dark chocolate – they all contain a lot of antioxidants. When will a report on nutrition to get a good end?

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