Baltic sea: Huge blue algal carpets drifting on German beaches

In the open water areas of Scandinavia as well as in front of Fehmarn and Bay of lübeck huge algal carpets drifting in the Baltic sea. The current weather conditions you get optimum conditions to bloom. The weather forecast the next few days will show whether the carpets could drift in German banks. If Yes, it could lead to Badeverboten to popular holiday places in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Blue algae are toxic to humans and some can cause unpleasant symptoms. Also in the Northern German inland waters has spread the blue-green algae already.

Satellite and aerial photographs show increased Occurrence of blue-green algae

Aerial and satellite photographs show that the algae have spread in front of the Danish and Swedish coast rapidly. At least in an attenuated Form. Blue-green algae streaks, seen from the air is particularly good, especially on a turquoise-bluish color, and the so-called Algae. Water temperatures of about 18 degrees favor the flowering of the dangerous cyanobacteria. Wind blowing from the North-easterly direction could propel the algae in the next days to Germany.

Although it was stated that the algae occur in front of the island of Fehmarn and in the Bay of lübeck are “not exceptional”, but in appropriate weather and wind conditions could change the situation in the short term. Which is not to predict but rosy: For the next few days, especially a fresh Wind from the East is expected. The reports of the “Kieler Nachrichten”. On the other hand, the Wind could also ensure that the Algae lose their structure and the rapid growth is thus prevented.

So dangerous cyano bacteria for humans

Not only in the German coastal waters, the blue-green algae could be a Problem for the people. also in the Northern German inland waters you find at a water temperature of 18 to 25 degrees. Thus, it was found, for example, in the Board of Stockholm lake (Rendsburg-Eckernförde) and in Hamburg’s outer Alster lake, an increased value of blue-green algae. More precisely, a value of 15 micrograms per Liter, in the Alster lake as much as 40 micro-grams per Liter said. Bathing will be pronounced only at a value of 75 micrograms per Liter, nevertheless it can come at a low value to symptoms.

Blue algae are toxic to humans and can cause skin contact irritation and irritation. also conjunctiva inflammation and pain in the ears are possible. It swallows with blue-green algae contaminated water can cause diarrhea, fever and respiratory diseases. For more information on the best in their respective municipality about the quality of the local waters and also at a low concentration of cyano bacteria, your Pets will not drink water.

Sources: “Kieler Nachrichten”, state Institute for the environment of Baden-Württemberg”

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