Your Memorial Day Just Got Hella Festive

Memorial Day is here, and with it a long weekend with plenty of sunshine, barbecues, outdoor fun, and don’t forget the patriotic Memorial Day kid crafts. What? They’re not already a staple in your house? Every parent needs some long-weekend quiet time, so time to plan your crafternoon. Of course, the weekend isn’t just about having fun, either; it’s also time to teach kids about what the Memorial Day holiday really means. It officially became a holiday in 1971 (it was originally known as Decoration Day), is always observed on the last Monday of May, and it honors the brave individuals who have died while serving in the U.S. military.

These days, everyone observes the day differently — many families visit memorials or cemeteries, while others have backyard barbecues or other casual gatherings. But in addition to teaching kids about the somber meaning behind the day, you can feel free to make some the aforementioned holiday fun. Enter: these patriotic Memorial Day crafts the whole family will love.

1. Patriotic jar candle

Making a jar candle with kids is an open-ended, creative and fun project that has some really stunning results. The folks at Fantastic, Fun and Learning take you step-by-step through this DIY.

2. American flag paint stick project

This adorable American flag craft from Glue Dots is not only easy to do, it also creates some seriously awesome front door decor.

3. Stars & stripes paper bag kite

This patriotic paper bag kite project from Fun Loving Families flutters in the breeze and gives your outdoor space a festive lift.

4. DIY printable patriotic pinwheel

Can any kid turn down a pinwheel? And it’s so much more fun when they can make them themselves. Lolly Jane provides the PDF to print out as well as clear instructions on how to fashion it for a twirly good time.

5. Patriotic suncatcher

Kids will be eager to see their finished patriotic suncatchers hung up in the backyard.

6. Fireworks painting

Talk about an easy arts and crafts project. All you need is toilet paper or paper towel tubes; red, white and blue paint; and a few other supplies to make these fireworks.

7. Egg carton American flag

Kids will proudly show off their egg carton American flag.

8. Straw American flag

An easy-to-do classic, I Heart Crafty Things shows how cute a straw flag can be.

9. Shaving cream fireworks

I Can Teach My Child shows us you can use really anything for your arts and crafts project — including shaving cream.

10. Tissue flags

With a handy flag printout, Lil’ Luna’s tissue flag craft is engaging, super-cute and helps kids work on their fine motor skills. What’s not to love?

A version of this article was originally published in May 2014.

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