You'll Never Have a Bored Kid Again With These

Every parent has walked the fine line between thinking their child is a budding Picasso, and wondering how many more macaroni picture frames and pieces of paper with a single line drawn on it they can possibly cram into their closet. Artistic expression is important for young kiddos, and you can encourage that self expression by keeping a cupboard or drawer stocked with the best kids art supplies out there — so your little ones are stocked and set to create their next masterpiece.

But regular old crayons and colored pencils get boring, and if your tot isn’t into the tools, they won’t be into using them. Save yourself from spending big bucks on supplies that don’t get used by stocking up on these seriously cool art supplies every parent should have on hand. Add a couple craft kits, and you’ll be prepared for every rain/snow/vacation day that’s thrown at you.

These supplies are not only really fun, they’ll motivate your little ones to create, and keep them busy for hours, so you can do whatever needs doing uninterrupted. This is one time when the kids being suspiciously ‘too quiet’ miiight just be a good thing.

This watercolor set comes in a convenient travel tin with an adorable woodland forest scene on it. With 12 colors, a brush, and a tin cute enough to use once you use up the watercolors, this one is a keeper.

Eeboo watercolors, $13.95 at Amazon



Dust free chalk sticks? Um, yes please. These non toxic, dust free chalk sticks in a variety of bright and bold colors come with 12 sticks and a magnetic chalk holder.

Butter stix chalk, $12.32 at Amazon

Sick of hearing ‘Mom! I need more paper!’ ten seconds after you give your kiddo a sheet? Problem solved with this desktop paper roll that lets your kid get endless paper, all by themselves.

Desktop paper roll, $16.99 at Amazon

If you haven’t heard of liquid watercolors before, your world is about to be rocked. These are perfect for littler artists who can’t quite manage the ratio of water to solid watercolors. These have the fluidity and blendability of watercolors, but with the vibrant, deep colors of tempera paint. It’s a win win.

Liquid watercolors, $18.99 at Amazon

With all those gorgeous watercolors, your tiny O’keefe will need a thick, absorbent watercolor pad, and this is one is the best. 16 sheets of chlorine free paper so they can go nuts, without winding up with soggy, flimsy paper.

Eeboo watercolor pad, $10.95 at Amazon

This reusable chalkboard book is perfect for mini artists on the go, with 8 chalkboard pages perfect for doodles and masterpieces. Easily wipe the chalk away, and they’ve got a clean slate to start again.

Reusable chalkboard book, $24.98 at Amazon

If your child loves crayons, but has a hard time pushing down hard enough to get the thick lines they want, these are the solution. These solid tempera paint sticks are more like giant oil pastels with smooth, thick lines and wild colors, but have the benefit of being quick drying- so no smearing or getting it all over themselves.

Kwik stix solid tempera paint sticks, $8.81 at Amazon

Perfect for toddlers, these beeswax crayons are ergonomic with a triangular shape that makes it easier for tiny hands to hold, and keeps them from rolling off the table.

Beeswax crayons, $12.61 at Amazon

Air dry clay is a must have, because, well, air dry. No baking or days of drying, this 24 pack of bold colors dries completely in 24 hours, and comes with sculpting tools, making this the ultimate in sensory play fun.

Air dry clay, $19.99 at Amazon

This tempera paint goes above and beyond your average 3 pack of primary colors, and includes 16 bottles of non toxic, brightly colored paints, including glitter paints and metallics.

Tempera paint set, $39.98 for 16 at Amazon

Regular old colored pencils are a thing of the past; these water soluble colored pencils are two mediums in one. This 24 pack of triangular pencils means easy gripping for little hands, and the colors blend well when water is added for a watercolor effect.

Triangular water soluble colored pencils, $13.44 at Amazon

If you’re not sure which of these items your kiddo will love, or are just overwhelmed in general, never fear- the good people at Kid Made Modern have created an arts and crafts library; with over 1,250 pieces to spark creativity and imagination, and a sturdy carrying case to contain it all. One suitcase, so many possibilities.

Arts and crafts library, $59.99 at Amazon


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