A jog or bike ride? With these sports you’ll burn much calories – Video

More sports is one of the often-mentioned intentions in the new year – and not just because it is healthy. Also weight and figure, often play a large role. What are the popular endurance sports are particularly suitable to burn a lot of calories.

If you want to lose weight effectively, you should go to instead of Cycling, Jog or jump rope. Of course, the weight loss also depends on the diet. But the Mayo Clinic, an American hospital Association has also created a list with reference values, in which sport kinds of slimming you the most. The values apply to a man with 91 pounds.

Effectively Jogging is, therefore, still, because we use lots of different muscles and train at the same time, the condition. At an average speed of 13 km/h, the body burns 1074 calories per hour. As effective is jumping rope. The trained strength as well as endurance and stabilizes the core muscles.

Taekwondo, according to the scale, on place three. This allows the body to burn 937 calories per hour. Those who want to lose weight effectively, you should, however, run more than twice a week, so that the energy supply comes exclusively from the fat depots.

Who jump when Jogging or rope quickly to problems with the joints should prefer to change to Swim. The crawl, or the very fast water sports burn 892 calories per hour.

Those who want to drive after work effectively in Sport without having to leave the house, just steps to the staircase up to the apartment a few Times Jogging. The burns in the hour of 819 calories.

The sports in the Overview: