The Truth About Eric And Lara Trump’s Insanely Lavish Life

Eric and Lara Trump live an insanely lavish life. But if one Trump has avoided the spotlight just a little, it’s Eric. The younger brother of Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump, Eric has had less of a high-profile stake in Donald Trump’s political career, and has kept a bit to himself (as much as a Trump can, that is). He and his wife, Lara, have been spotted out on the campaign trail, and made the headlines after their controversial roles in trying to overthrow the election of Joe Biden (via CNN). However, they still don’t seem to stir up the same kind of media frenzy as the other Trump children. 

So while Ivanka, Don Jr., and the president himself have dominated the headlines, Eric has been able to create a very comfortable life. And given that all things Trump tend to be expensive and over-the-top, it should come as no surprise that Eric and Lara’s life is extravagant. So get ready, because here is the truth about Eric and Lara Trump’s insanely lavish life.

Eric Trump and his family spend their summers at this lavish property

We typically spend our summers in our offices and consider ourselves lucky if we can make it to the beach on the weekend. That’s not the case for Eric Trump and his family, who consider the Seven Springs mansion in Westchester their summer digs. As noted by Forbes, Donald Trump bought the Seven Springs property in 1996 for a cool $7.5 million, before dividing the land in order to build 14 individual homes. 

Eric told Forbes while giving a tour of the property that the palatial 50,000-square-foot home is “a significant place” for his family, as it’s where he not only learned about the construction business from his father, but also where he proposed to his wife, Lara Trump. “My father, during the summers, would always put us to work,” Eric recalled. “We were literally riding mowers around, we were mowing all the fields, cutting down trees and fallen trees, cutting rebar and laying marble and doing electrical work, doing demo work.” 

Eric later called the property his former “home base,” before moving out and finding a property of his own. Fancy.

Eric Trump co-owns this lavish golf course with his older brother

Before the Trump name was synonymous with political slogans, it was largely tied to luxury properties and lavish golf courses, so it comes as no surprise that Donald Trump’s sons have followed in his developer footsteps. 

As noted by Golf, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. opened their golf course at the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai in 2017. The timing — given that there was intense scrutiny about the president’s involvement with the Trump Organization — was questionable, but the two Trump adult children pushed onward; they opened the property during their first joint international business trip since their father’s assumption of the White House. The pair attended a private lunch with billionaire developer Hussain Sajwani, whose company DAMAC Properties partnered with them, which all sounds very casual. “It’s rare in the world where you can be such great friends with a partner and that’s what we have right here,” Eric said. “Hussain, he is an amazing person and DAMAC is an amazing company.” 

The course was built inside a luxurious property that featured about 100 Trump-branded villas, ranging from $1.3 million to $4 million.

Lara Trump had not one, but two lavish Vera Wang wedding gowns

You know what screams lavish? Not one Vera Wang wedding gown, but two. According to People, Lara Yunaska and Eric Trump got married at Mar-a-Lago, and if the venue of the wedding wasn’t fancy enough, the bride had two high-end designer looks throughout the night. The first dress, worn during the ceremony, was a strapless ball gown that featured a soft, petal inspired skirt. “It was the first dress that I tried on and actually felt like a bride,” Lara revealed. “I knew that I needed a dress that would be seen from even the farthest guest’s viewpoint!” 

Lara then changed into her second look of the evening, a more slim-fitted mermaid gown. It looks like she took some hints from her sister-in-law, because Ivanka Trump’s influence over the looks was seen in more ways than one. “Vera is a master,” Ivanka gushed. “As I know from personal experience, there is no one who better understands how a bride wants to look and feel on her wedding day.” Lara was also seen wearing diamond earrings from Ivanka’s jewelry line on her big day.

This is how much money Eric Trump is worth

Get ready for your eyes to feel like they’re going to pop out of your head: Eric Trump is worth $25 million alone. Yes, a whopping $25 million, according to Forbes. So where did his money come from, you might ask? A couple of business ventures and the family organization, of course. Eric has a “luxury duplex” located on the property of the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, and has received much of his wealth from his role as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization. 

Before he assumed co-control of the company, Eric “oversaw much of the firm’s golf club and resorts business,” but was chosen along with his brother, Donald Trump Jr., to run the operations after their father assumed office. Additionally, New York City filings tie Eric to two other businesses: his business interests in the Trump hotel located in Washington, D.C. and the Trump Winery (more on that later). 

Eric’s brother, Don Jr., is worth about the same amount of money as Eric, but both are superseded by their sister Ivanka Trump, who (with her husband) is worth about $375 million.

Eric Trump allegedly benefited from a real-estate deal to establish his lavish New York penthouse

Family connections can be great at times, but it seems like Eric and Lara Trump reportedly benefited from Donald Trump’s real-estate connections to score on prime New York property. As noted by ProPublica, Eric combined “three luxury Manhattan high-rise apartments, one of which he purchased at a throwaway price from his father, into one potentially lucrative penthouse.” 

So what’s so wrong with saving some money, you might ask? Well in the spring of 2016, shortly before his father won the presidency, Eric bought two apartments in the Trump Parc East building for only $350,000 each, which is about half the price the apartments had originally been listed for. How’d he get away with it? As reported by ProPublica, “such bargain basement sales are usually treated as gifts by the IRS. But they might not have been taxed that way, tax experts said, because of advantages available only to real estate developers.” That…seems a little shady. 

In late 2017, Eric’s penthouse ownership turned heads again when he transferred the ownership of unit 14G, and other apartments near it, to a company called 100 CPS Penthouse LLC.

Eric Trump runs this Trump family business, thanks to his father's connections

It seems as though the Trump children have found business success in part because of their father’s connections, and that looks to be the case for the Trump Winery. According to Town & Country, the Trump Winery allegedly started off with a bit of shady deal; Donald Trump purchased the property in Virginia for a “bargain-basement price of $8.5 million on a deal that could ultimately be worth $170 million,” giving him the 1,100 acres of land and all the winemaking tools needed. 

After scoring the property, Donald made his son Eric the president of Trump Winery, a role that he continues to occupy. Since its initial purchase, the Trump Winery has grown and features Ablemarle House — a 23,000 square foot home — one of many properties within the Trump Hotels company. 

So how much autonomy does Eric have in running the winery? It’s a little questionable. Donald said in a press conference in August 2020 that he owns “one of the largest wineries in the United States,” even though the winery’s website says that it’s managed by Eric’s company. Going into business with your family sounds complicated.

Eric and Lara Trump spent their 2020 Thanksgiving at this lavish location

Where did you spend your 2020 holiday season? If it was anything like us, it was on your own wearing your fuzzy socks and watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We didn’t have access to a lavish woodland retreat, but Eric and Lara Trump did. According to People, Eric and Lara spent their Thanksgiving with many of their family members and other White House figures at Camp David, the president’s Maryland-located retreat — during the pandemic, when you’re not supposed to gather with people. Ok. 

Some family members were missing from the get together, including Melania Trump and her son Barron Trump, but despite his immediate family staying put, Donald Trump traveled to Camp David after a stint at his golf course in Virginia. In an attempt to maybe make their holiday look a little similar to ours, Eric and Lara posted on Instagram that they’d driven to Camp David with their two kids. “We’ll report back on how this goes,” Lara wrote in the caption. But given that gathering for the holidays was the most lavish (and semi-reckless) thing you could do in 2020, this wasn’t the best look.

Lara Trump reportedly made bank as a senior adviser to Donald Trump

In order to have a lavish lifestyle, you have to be able to afford it, and given that Lara Trump reportedly made bank due to her father-in-law’s political career, it’s no wonder that her life with Eric Trump is lavish. As noted by HuffPost, Lara made $180,000 a year through the private company set up by Donald Trump’s campaign manager. She wasn’t the only Trump spouse to rake in the big bucks, either; Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, also made the same amount of money: about $15,000 a month. 

How did HuffPost find out such a juicy detail? Two GOP sources that occupied roles as informal advisers in the White House spoke to the publication, but only under the condition of anonymity. The insiders said that they couldn’t confirm when Lara and Kimberly allegedly began receiving the large sums of money from the Trump campaign manager, Bradley Parscale, and his company, but assessed that the money was being funneled through the private company as to avoid public reporting requirements. “I can pay them however I want to pay them,” Parscale reportedly proclaimed before declining to elaborate.

Eric Trump accompanied his father to Buckingham Palace during a lavish trip

Remember when your father took you on trips all around the world, showering you with amazing invitations, including a state banquet with the Queen of England? Us neither, but because of their connection to Donald Trump, Eric and Lara Trump scored big points on the lavish lifestyle front when they accompanied Donald and the other Trump siblings on a trip to the United Kingdom. 

According to People, Donald was joined by Eric, Lara, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Tiffany Trump while attending a state banquet with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and other royal family members. The Trump family was spread out among the banquet’s attendants, and Eric was separated from Lara — who was pregnant at the time — but still, they got to be in the same room as Kate, and for that alone we’re jealous. “Thank you to Her Majesty The Queen for a truly magical evening,” Lara posted on Instagram, accompanying a photo of herself and Eric all dressed up for the evening. Politics aside, please invite us next time so we can get a glimpse of the Queen. 

Eric Trump allegedly engages in this very lavish, and very horrifying, hobby

Nothing says lavish lifestyle like hunting — just think of the fourth season of The Crown. But Eric Trump and his brother, Donald Trump Jr., have allegedly hunted some of the most endangered species on earth, and have reportedly influenced policy in order to maintain their expensive hobby. According to HuffPost, “the federal government has issued more than three dozen permits allowing hunters to import lion trophies from two African nations since 2016, according to copies of the applications obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.” 

What exactly does this mean? The documents, requested by Friends of Animals, show that hunters were permitted to import endangered animals killed on hunting trips into the United States. HuffPost further reported that during from 2016 through 2018, 38 lion trophies were imported by Americans who were given hunting permits — half of said hunters reportedly were either Republican donors or affiliates with Safari Club International, a hunting lobby group. 

According to People, Donald Trump has faced backlash over these decisions, as some have accused him of pandering to the interests of his sons. How about we just leave animals alone?

Eric Trump and his siblings used to have playdates with Michael Jackson

So this lavish lifestyle detail borders on uncomfortable, but Eric Trump and his siblings used to have playdates with Michael Jackson, the king of pop and accused child abuser (via NPR). Apparently, Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana Trump, were skeptical parents, but never turned down an opportunity for their kids to play with Jackson. “The only person who had an open invitation to come to the triplex for playdates whenever he wanted was Michael Jackson,” she wrote in her book, Raising Trump

Jackson lived at Trump Tower during the childhood years of the eldest Trump kids, and maintained a close relationship with the family. “He’d stop by and chat with Donald and me for twenty minutes, and then he’d go up to the kids’ floor to hang out with them for hours and hours,” Ivana continued. “They’d watch MTV, play Mario Brothers or Tetris, and build Trump Tower in Legos.” She went on to describe Jackson as a “30-year-old kid.” “He could relate to Ivanka and the boys better than to us,” she added. Lavish for Eric and his siblings? Yes. Concerning? Absolutely.

If Mar-a-Lago wasn't enough, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. bought the adjacent, lavish mansion

It seems that throughout Donald Trump’s time as president, he’s reportedly spent a lot of time at Mar-a-Lago, his luxury property in Palm Beach, Florida. And it looks like Eric Trump wanted to get in on the area’s real-estate, because he and Donald Trump Jr. took it upon themselves to buy a neighboring property. As noted by Mansion Global, Eric and Don Jr. purchased a Palm Beach mansion for $18.5 million, and it just happens to be the opposite property to Mar-a-Lago. 

Eric and Don. Jr. purchased the lavish mansion through a limited liability company which listed Eric as the company’s president and Don Jr. as the vice president. “It is a great honor to have purchased one of the finest mansions in Palm Beach,” Eric shared. “Mar-a-Lago is among the most iconic properties anywhere in the world and it is very special to be able to add this incredible beachfront estate to the property.” 

Judging from the increasing reports that Donald will make Mar-a-Lago his primary residence after leaving the White House, it makes sense that his sons splurged on a neighboring property.

Lara Trump has been spotted in some seriously lavish outfits

The Trump ladies are known for a lot of things, from their policy influence to their presence on the campaign trail. But if they stand out for one aspect, it’s their attention to clothing. Like her sister-in-law and mother-in-law, Lara Trump has been spotted in some pretty lavish clothes, and she has certainly not shied away from designer outfits. 

According to the Evening Standard, the Trump women put their fashion on full display during the state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth. Melania Trump was a vision in white Dior, matching the Queen and Camilla Parker Bowles. Ivanka Trump wore Carolina Herrera — and got a bit of backlash due to the casual nature of her choice. Tiffany Trump wore a custom-made gown from couture designer Suzie Tourner, and Lara stunned in a strapless gown from Monique Lhuiller. 

In a nod to the royal event and tradition of female royals wearing gloves, Lara paired her look with white, elbow-reaching gloves and a simple up-do. She’s also been seen in some very glamorous outfits, including her inaugural ball gown and her 2020 New Year’s Eve look from designer Oscar Lopez. 

Here are all the details about the inside of Eric Trump's lavish New York penthouse

We now know that Eric Trump allegedly saved a ton of money on his Trump Parc East penthouse (via ProPublica), but here are some details about his lavish life in the building that you should know. According to its website, Trump Parc East is “dressed in polished granite and marble,” and is located directly across from New York City’s beloved oasis, Central Park. Residents are treated to white-glove service, and enjoy the splendors of a door attendant, concierge, laundry, and valet services. To quote the property website, “residents enjoy the full scope of luxury treatments.” Sign us up. 

So how much will a Trump Parc East apartment cost you (if you’re not Eric Trump)? Well this one, listed on City Realty, has a $2,750,000 price tag. It features two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and is approximately 967 square feet. So if you’re not quick with math, then this is what you need to know: each square foot will cost you about $2,844. Cool.

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