See Jenna Jameson’s Keto Diet Shopping List on Amazon

Jenna Jameson is always looking out for her fellow Keto Nation dieters, whether it’s sharing her Savage Cabbage recipe, her motivational tips or how to stay keto on vacation.

And on Monday, June 17, the former adult film actress — who has lost about 90 pounds in the past year following the ketogenic diet — got even more specific. She told her Instagram followers that she was listing all of her keto pantry must-haves on Amazon.

“I have a thousand DMs asking me for my keto favorite things and a lot of the things that I buy [2-year-old daughter] Batel,” Jameson announced in an Instagram Story. “So I went … I made all my lists on Amazon, so you can swipe up right now and check out all of my favorite things. So you don’t have to DM me and be like, ‘Oh, what kind of, like, keto crackers…’ or ‘What are your favorite keto snacks?’ It’s all listed if you swipe up right now.”

See Jenna Jameson’s Keto must-haves here!

Angles! I can look 6 feet or 5 feet ? I’m 5’7”

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The 45-year-old star has become an inspiration to people trying to slim down after she started posting before and after keto diet photos on her Instagram account, @jennacantlose. She included keto-friendly staples such as kale chips, tomato sauce, cauliflower pizza crusts, beef jerky, snack mixes and more on her Amazon list.

The bestselling author shares exhaustive tips on how she lost weight including her favorite recipes, daily keto menu, top keto tips, body-positive advice and more. The method she uses combines the high-fat, low-carb eating plan with intermittent fasting.

Body positivity, no matter your size is so important. As you can see in my before pic, I rocked an itty bitty bikini. Because why the hell not? I still felt beautiful. No one took a second glance at me with disappointment and that helped me get over my body shaming inner self. Yes, now I am at goal weight and rock a mom swimsuit, well, because I’m chasing a toddler through the sand… moral of this story is, never let anyone dictate what’s acceptable. We all have cellulite and shake when we walk. Let’s embrace it together?#bodypositive #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #keto #ketodiet #mombod #ketolifestyle #ketotransformation

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As the holistic living convert has told Us Weekly, the diet, along with her commitment to sobriety, has changed her life. “I have sobriety, faith and now health. I wake up grateful and energized. I can’t sing the praises of healthy living enough,” the star has proclaimed. “I urge other moms to love themselves and take it slow, to revel in the little victories and small progressions. Don’t put pressure on yourself, society does enough of that!”


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