Salma Hayek Celebrates Her Daughter Valentina’s 15th Birthday With Throwback Photo Taken by Blake Lively

Salma Hayek’s beautiful daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault, with husband François Henri Pinault, is 15! The teenager is as glamorous as her Oscar-nominated mom now, but it wasn’t that long ago that she was just a sweet little girl. The Eternals star is reminiscing with throwback photos of her daughter, including one take by none other than Blake Lively!

“Feliz quince años a mi adorada quinceañera,” Hayek wrote on Instagram yesterday, which translates to “Happy fifteen years to my beloved quinceañera.”

She added, “Valentina eres mi todo, gracias por iluminar nuestras vidas con la fuerza de tu maravilloso espíritu Es un privilegio ser tu Mamá. Te amo con todo mi corazón.” This translates to “Valentina you are my everything, thank you for lighting up our lives with the strength of your wonderful spirit. It is a privilege to be your Mom. I love you with all my heart.”

Hayek then added a ♥️ and the hashtag “#theygrowsofast.”

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The first photo in the post shows Valentina asleep in bed, looking so peaceful wrapped in a knit blanket on floral sheets. The next picture in the carousel is the one taken by Blake Lively, and it is so precious! This one is a throwback to one of Valentina’s birthdays as a kid, where she had a huge yellow smiley face cake that said “Happy birthday Valentina” in pink. She’s wearing a buttoned pink cardigan, with multicolored nails. She’s eating a cupcake and licking the icing off her finger, and her face is painted with a rainbow. What a cutie!

The A Simple Favor star commented on the post, writing, “I took that second photo 😢🥹🥹♥️ my baby!!”

So sweet! Lively and Hayek have been friends for 10 years, ever since the two actresses starred in 2012’s Savages. Hayek also acted with Lively’s husband Ryan Reynolds in The Hitman’s Bodyguard in 2021, and she has a great relationship with the couple.

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In 2017, Hayek posted a photo cooking while holding Inez, then 10 months old, with Reynolds in the background.

“When your friends invite you for dinner and you end up doing all the work,” she captioned it.

They seem to have a close friendship, hanging out at each other’s houses, taking pictures of each other’s kids, making each other laugh and cry. It’s a beautiful thing!

Earlier this month, Hayek celebrated her 56th birthday. She danced in a red bikini on a boat, enjoying the warm summer air. “Happy 56th birthday to me!! #alwaysgrateful,” she captioned it in English and Spanish.

She is thriving, even if she is a little sad about her daughter growing up. But if she does miss baby snuggles, she can just head over to her friend Lively’s house when her fourth baby is born!

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