Possibly the Weirdest Baby Names of All Time Ever

Are you, too, exhausted by the Emmas and the Graces and the Caden/Jaden/Braden trifecta? Do you yawn (discreetly, of course) at the mention of the latest crop of Liams and Olivias? Surely there must be something else out there to name your child — something no other parent has scooped up yet? Please? Well, your baby-on-the-way might be a good candidate for a seriously unique baby name.

Researchers at Nameberry (oh, yes, this is a thing — baby name research, y’all) have compiled a list of totally unique names. So unique, in fact, in the entire year of 2016 none of these names were even used once for newborns. So take that, Liam! Nameberry scoured this list of overlooked names (there were 5,000 to start) and whittled it down to 124 very unusual top picks.

Be warned: These baby names are wacky. They’re not for the faint of heart, and there’s no guarantee they’ll stand the test of time. But, hey, there’s no guarantee your homemade craft beer will stand the test of time either. And you know what? Some of these are downright cool. We say: Live boldly! Name that hipster baby with abandon!

Here’s the list (with a few editorial comments from us to help guide you through the minefield).

For the girls:

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