Meghan Markle Opens Up About Controversial Baby Shower in New 'Harry & Meghan' Episode

When Meghan Markle‘s closest friends threw her a baby shower in New York City ahead of Archie’s arrival, she was met with an unexpected reaction: immense disapproval.

The celebration, held in Manhattan at The Mark Hotel, was an admittedly lavish occasion with a guest list full of famous figures, but even so, Meghan has never understood why the affair was met with such intense scrutiny — from both the public and the palace.

According to The Post, per a 2019 article by Page Six, Princess Diana’s longtime private secretary called the occasion “a clear sign that Meghan thinks that being a royal Duchess is about celebrity — not royalty.”

During a Volume II episode of the Sussexes’ Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the duchess explained, “My girlfriends surprised me with a really beautiful baby shower in New York. They’re like, ‘We’re going to shower her with love. We’re going to shower her baby. … We’re gonna get through this,’” referring to the difficulties Meghan was facing with the royal family, the UK media, and the general public.

She went on to convey her confusion on why there was so much upset about the shower, saying, “These strong, successful, independent women choose to use their own money — and it’s not taxpayer money — to throw a party for their friend from a place of love.” She questioned rhetorically, “Why are you taking such a beautiful moment and trying to ruin it?”

The common theme in Meghan and Harry‘s limited series is that no matter what approach the former took to appease the royal family, rota, and fanbase, she was met with unyielding criticism at every turn — and Archie’s baby shower is just another instance of her being picked apart for, seemingly, no reason other than the sake of being picked apart.

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