Jana Kramer Shares Christmas With Her Kids Was ‘Pure Magic’ Despite it Being a Day Late

Christmas is less of a day and more of a feeling. Specifically, the joy that comes from spending time with your loved ones and viewing the wonder of the season through your child’s eyes. Jana Kramer opened up about the “pure magic” of Christmas this year, despite it being a day late, and it really puts the holidays in perspective.

“Celebrated Christmas morning with the kiddos today,” Kramer, who is mom to Jolie Rae, 6, and Jace Joseph, 4, with ex Mike Caussin, wrote on Dec. 26. “It was still the same joy even on a different day…and it even snowed just like a true Christmas Day. Pure magic.”


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So sweet! For many parents who are co-parenting this time of year, or who have to work on Christmas Day, have a partner in the military, or have to reschedule Christmas for any other reason, it’s empowering to see that it’s going to be OK. Christmas is not ruined if it’s not celebrated on Dec. 25. Even if your kids are old enough to be a little disappointed, the magic of seeing what’s under the tree will still be there.

The “Voices” singer thanked mom friends for the “idea” to still celebrate Christmas the same, even though she didn’t have custody of her kids on the actual holiday.

She also revealed that the family dealt with some sickness this Christmas as well. “A big Shoutout to the grinch for leaving me the flu in my stocking and an ear infection for Jace 😅,” she added.

Earlier this month, the All In Moms podcast host shared a highlight reel of holiday memories, writing, “We speed dated Christmas time hard this year to make sure we got it all in. All the memories and smiles that were had makes this momma heart smile. To see my kids so happy and all the time we enjoyed together was amazing, but yea saying bye today was hard.”

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