Encanto's Stephanie Beatriz Wants Her Career To Inspire Her Daughter

Stephanie Beatriz has an inspiring message she wants to impart on her 8-month-old daughter Rosaline. The Encanto star told TODAY that she’d like “[her] kiddo to see that it’s OK to be afraid of something and go for it.”

That important sentiment works both ways. Beatriz added that being a new mother has pushed her to make bolder moves with her career. The actress’s desire to take on challenging roles has “gotten bigger and stronger” and given her more momentum to move outside the box, both as a performer and a person.


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Since giving birth to Rosaline in August, Beatriz has been candid about the incredible effects motherhood has had on her. “Honestly, I think it’s the way that it made me understand myself and my relationship with my body,” Beatriz told TODAY in March. “Because I think a lot of women struggle with body dysmorphia, eating disorders, disordered eating, and I think weirdly, having a kid made me go, ‘Oh what do I want this person to know about their body? And so it made me really appreciate my body and myself much more.”

The actress has been open about her struggles with body image, posting a moving message on Instagram in 2017 about her journey to letting go of self-judgement.

“As someone who is actively seeking recovery from disordered eating, I’m starting to understand how I kept myself from enjoying life by limiting what I believed was possible for me,” Beatriz wrote. “I thought I didn’t deserve to feel really happy, that I wasn’t ‘worth it’ and that I only REALLY deserved it if I was super duper skinny.”

Despite feeling “terrified,” she added that she’s “super ready to learn more and more about who [she is] and to celebrate EVERYTHING about [herself].”

We’re cheering Beatriz on so much for the wonderful mental health work she’s doing — and for imparting some important wisdom on the next generation.

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