“Whistle, and suddenly the air”: the nose spray that eats wife from Weimar hole in the nose

Up to 160,000 people in Germany are dependent on nasal spray, experts believe. A particularly violent case of Franziska from Weimar. The 26-Year-old ate the Spray sheath, a thumb-sized hole in the wall of the nose, which had to be patched in a three-hour engagement.

In the case of the "Bild" reported, should serve as a warning. Franziska G. from Weimar, have taken a nasal spray several times per day – and the two Winter long. As a result, your mucus has been damaged skin solid the Spray ate the vagina even a hole in your nasal wall.

"It noted, because I suddenly from the nose pfiff"

The hole was not noticed Franziska directly: "I noticed it because I get suddenly the air from the nose pfiff", she tells the "Bild". "Also, I could not smell properly and taste."

In a three-hour Operation, a düsseldorf-based beauty surgeon, Dr. Murat had to Dagdelen, the nose of the 26-Year-old rescue. "I have taken from the nasal septum, the cartilage from the rear area of the hole in the front stuffed, careful mucosa it pulled and then re-eingesetzt", so, the physician to the "Bild".

Meanwhile, Franziska has her Addiction to the Spray, also defeated: "If I now have a runny nose, inhale I only peppermint oil."

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