Use of telehealth services rose during the pandemic and remains high


  • The proportion of adults who had health insurance and used telehealth was twice that of adults without health insurance (48.4% vs. 21.0%).
  • Older adults were more likely than young adults to use telehealth: More than half of those 65 and older (54.5%) used telehealth, compared with 35.8% of those between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • The main reasons adults used telehealth were for follow-ups or to access test or procedure results (42.7%); flu, cold, allergies or infections (20.4%); chronic conditions such as arthritis, joint or muscle pain (18.0%); mental or emotional health problems (17.5%); and general disease management (15.9%).
  • Adults in rural areas were less likely to use telehealth than those living in urban areas (41.2% vs. 47.3%).
  • More than half of adults (51.2%) who spoke only English at home used telehealth, compared with adults who spoke Spanish (38.3%), Chinese (38.5%), Vietnamese (33.0%), English and Spanish (39.9%), or English and Chinese (42.9%) in the home.

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