Try These Workouts When You’re Short On Time

Routines may have shifted, but life is likely back to its once break-neck pace. Between the lines of your to-do list, you may be trying to squeeze a workout in. Luckily, even a few minutes can get your blood moving and your mood boosted in no time. So, what can you do in a quarter of an hour? Turns out, plenty of exercises.

According to Self, the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recently changed to include exercise for any duration, noting that the length of time is irrelevant to the benefits. In other words, no matter how short your sweat sesh is, it still impacts your body. These benefits include reduced anxiety and depression levels, better sleep, lowered blood pressure and more. So, those 10 minutes are worth the quick trip to lace up your running shoes. In fact, knowing that your workout won’t drag on for very long may even help with your motivation to get it done.

As for what you can do in a few minutes, the outlet has a few suggestions including warming up your joints and going for a walk. By taking some time to zero in on each joint by moving them in small circles with your ankles, wrists and your neck, you can gently warm up your body before embarking on your quick trek. Walking can contribute to a less-frazzled mental state, a lowered risk of cancer and keeping soreness at bay. Your blood will be circulating properly in no time; just grab your walking shoes and get outside!

You can even do some cardio in 15 minutes

If you’ve ever done a HIIT workout, you’ll know that shorter amounts of time don’t always equal less effort; in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Take HIIT (high-intensity interval training) for example. VeryWell Fit suggests trying a HIIT workout that involves walking, running and jumping jacks to keep your heart rate up and your body moving well. The outlet also notes that switching out the higher-intensity movements with lower impact exercises such as speed walking can still provide similar benefits.

Self also notes that sticking to one movement for the duration of your sweat sesh can be beneficial as well. Start by choosing an exercise that works multiple muscle groups —squats, planks or push-ups, for instance — then do 10 reps with minimal rest in between your sets. The outlet suggests warming up little by little and working your way up to more reps or even adding weight as you go. Do this until your time runs out and consider adding in a few cardio moves like high knees to get your heart rate up.

Lastly, try using a workout app that has quick, easy-to-fit in workouts available. Melissa Wood Health offers pilates-yoga fusion workouts that span anywhere between 5 and 50 minutes in length. These will have you feeling stretched and toned in no time.

Any movement is better than no movement. Find a workout that you love and add it to your day whenever you’re short on time for a quick breath of fresh air.

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