This Is What It’s Really Like To Live With Anxiety Every Single Day

Having anxiety means constantly feeling on guard against your own mind and body. You never know when your heart will clinch, your nerves will buzz, your thoughts will take off or your blood will run cold. The worst part? You’re just expected to go on with your day-to-day life as if none of that happens.

In honor of May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, our “Living With” series is focusing on what it’s like to deal with anxiety on a regular basis. We’ll give you guidance on treatment, expert-backed advice on coping and personal stories about the frustrations and triumphs of living with the mental health condition. The goal is to make you feel less alone in your experience.

Anxiety can be tough ― really damn tough ― but you can have a powerful, thrilling, healthy life regardless of its existence. Promise. Check out all the stories below and keep coming back for more throughout the month.

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