This 2-Move Arm Pump Workout Doesn't Use Any Weights

When you’re craving a quick arm day banger, try this quick, straightforward bodyweight set from trainer Eric Leija, a.k.a. Primal Swoledier. These two moves, a bench elevated triceps push up and ring inverted curls, swell your triceps, and biceps, and brachialis, fitting perfectly into a larger arm day workout. The result is a super-sized pump in minimal time. Since both exercises require maintaining a strong core throughout, the series can double as a humbling abs workout.

Leija shows how it’s done with fellow trainer Jay T. Maryniak. The superset is ideal for days when you’re working with a partner, since there’s no downtime waiting for the other person to finish through their sets before you switch exercises.

For the first move, you’ll set up in an arms-extended plank with your hands on the edge of a secure bench. Press your shoulders forward, squeeze your glutes, and brace your core to slightly round your upper back and minimize any dips in your low back. Never breaking this position, tuck your head and bend your elbows to lower your head directly to or under the bench, depending on your range of motion.

Besides keeping your core braced so that you don’t start carrying your body weight in your low back, it’s important to keep your elbows pointed forward at all times. Resist the urge to let them flare out to the sides. This will help you ensure that your triceps are doing the brunt of the work.

For the second exercise, secure two rings in front of you at shoulder height (if you have TRX handles, you can use those too.) Grab each handle with an underhand grip, extend your arms, and step your feet forward to hang diagonally in a standing plank position. Depending on your strength and body weight, you may need to adjust the angle of your torso—stepping your feet back so you’re in a more upright position will make the exercise easier. Keep your shoulders pinned down and back, keeping your back engaged instead of dead hanging from the rings.

From here, curl your hands up to your shoulders, pause, and then slowly extend your elbows to return to the starting position. Just like with the first move, it’s important here to keep your core braced and your elbows fixed throughout. Work to eliminate any movement other than your biceps squeezing to curl yourself up.

Try 3 to 5 sets of 10 to 15 reps of each movement. Cut your sets when your form starts to break down, even if you haven’t hit 10 reps. Rest for 60 seconds in between sets.

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