These are the everyday things that stress Brits out the most

Waking up late for work is unlikely to get your day off to a good start.

In fact, it’s been listed among the top 50 daily dramas that stress Brits out the most.

These minor stresses may seem small, but they can really add up.

In fact, a study has found that we experience an average of three stresses a day, with women having their first around as early as 7:50am and men at 8:43am.

The survey of 2,000 Brits was commissioned by Rescue Remedy and found that the top causes of these daily dramas were tiredness (46%), an interrupted night’s sleep (36%) and a busy day at work (33%).

The wellbeing brand’s Zuzana Bustikova said: ‘Often when we think “drama” we think big, but the research shows how much of an impact seemingly small niggles can have on our daily moods.

‘We know that a poor night’s sleep can offset the whole day, and challenging days can often result in sleepless nights, so it’s no wonder that mornings are when the first drama is experienced.’

These daily dramas are different from the most stressful situations in life, which include bereavement, divorce, starting a new job, exams, and buying a house, according to previous research.

And just what are these little things that grind us down every day?

Being stuck in traffic came in at the top of the list, followed by spilling something down yourself, and dropping something by accident.

Small stressors like these can lead to people feeling frustrated (32%), anxious (23%) and tired (21%) – thus stress begets stress.

So how can we go about feeling better in the wake of these daily dramas?

The survey found that the top things that have improved people’s moods after facing these kinds of issues are a walk (30%), listening to music (28%) and alone time (26%).

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