See The Auburn Gymnast Who Severely Injured Both Legs Walk Down The Aisle At Her Wedding

  • Samantha Cerio, 22, got married on June 1, just two months after her career-ending injuries.
  • The former gymanst dislocated both her knees and tore multiple ligaments after missing the landing during a tumbling pass.
  • It was important to Cerio that she walk down the aisle on her own, and she did.

Two months ago, Samantha Cerio seriously injured both of her legs in a tumbling pass gone wrong, but today she’s celebrating life as a newlywed.

Back in April, the former Auburn University gymnast was at an NCAA competition in Baton Rouge. During her floor routine, Samantha dislocated both of her knees and tore multiple ligaments. Her injuries called for two hours of surgery which her coach, Jeff Graba, described as an “extreme success.”

Though the trauma to her legs ended Cerio’s 18-year career, the 22-year-old stayed positive taking to Instagram to say her career may not have ended the way she planned, “but nothing ever goes as planned.”

What she did have plans to do a few weeks after her hospitalization, though, was walk down the aisle. And she did just that—unassisted—on June 1 in Alabama.

I got the Wood ⚓️💍 #GettingTheW #ShipFaced

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While she walked across the graduation stage to receive her diploma from Auburn University for aerospace engineering last month, walking at her own wedding was its own special kind of accomplishment. Cerio said being “able to stand up on my own feet and able to walk around and walk down the aisle” made her wedding “a whole lot sweeter,” in an interview with USA TODAY Sports.

The whole thing was also pretty special for her guests and her husband, naval officer Trey Wood, who told Cerio “he was holding back tears” as she approached him.

My heart is filled with joy!@Mikey_Pies@sam_cerio

And though Cerio is still recovering, she still made sure she got to enjoy her “first sway” with her husband on the dance floor that night.

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